Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fun At The Fair

Last Saturday, Mrs. Sunsett decided that was the day we would make our annual trek to see the Indiana State Fair. Never mind that we go every year, it is a tradition that cannot be broken, once started.

Not much new here this year except for one event that my wife thoroughly enjoyed, many more times than I could/did (being the sports fan in the family). Don't get me wrong, this was a very interesting hour speaking to these guys.

Here are the four remaining members of the 1954 Milan Indiana basketball team that won the state championship, back when Hoosier Hysteria meant something (when there was a single class tournament and one champion). It was the team of which the 1986 movie Hoosiers was based on. This was about a true to life David that slew a true to life Giant. Interestingly enough in this saga, the giant was not evil, he was just the giant and the David was just the David.

The gentleman that is second from the left is Bobby Plump, the guy that hit the real shot to win the real game. He spoke of the time George Steinbrenner had Lee Iaccocca on his private plane for a flight to somewhere (long enough to watch a movie). At first, Lee balked at watching a movie about Indiana high school basketball history. After George talked him into it, he relented. After watched it, he said it was one of the greatest motivational movies he'd ever seen. In fact, he wanted to see it again on the way back.

Here are the four surviving members of the "Milan Miracle":

One of the attractions that the Fair offers, year-round, is a replica of a historical Hooks Drug Store, a chain of drugstores deeply rooted in the history of Indiana. Here is the outside of where the druggist worked:

Here is the inside:

These were some of the items that were probably some of the most popular:

When the cost of your tofu goes up, you can look no further than the use of soy diesel. It is used exclusively in all Fair shuttles:

One the regulars here is Amerloque. He raises apples. I clearly had him in mind, when I snapped these:

No trip to the Fair is complete without looking at the animals. This year, we gave some of that time to visit with the Milan guys. But we did manage to see some of the cows:

Do you like history? Like to walk in it? Anyone who wonders why the spirit of rugged individualism is still alive and well, can see by taking a tour of this popular annual exhibition. Here are a few shots of Pioneer Village, the first is from the barbershop:

Here a typical daytime farm kitchen, where the family had breakfast and lunch:

Here are a couple pics of the evening kitchen, where the evening meal was eaten:

These are just a few of the many shots I was able to get off, when I was not looking for something good to eat. This year we went lighter than usual. Only one funnel cake (as a hazardous ingestion material) was consumed by yours truly. The rest of my diet was fairly healthy. No fried Oreos or candy bars, this year.

I may post more later, if anyone is interested.


L'Amerloque said...

Hello LAS !

Many, many thanks for this trip to tradition ! Amerloque appreciates it - as well as the mention of Normandy apples (grin) !

Last year it was a bumper crop for Normany apples: the Amerloque family ate applesauce well into winter. This season there are fewer apples: Amerloque has been told that there are usualy fewer apples in the year following a bumper crop.

Last year there were two trees (one a Benedictin de Jumi├Ęges) that gave no apples: this year they are groaning with fruit - fortunately ! (wide smile)

Again, thanks for the trip to tradition !


Ps: Were there any "knitting" or "hooking" contests at the Fair ? Amerloque's maternal grandmother won a few ribbons decades and decades ago at the LA County Fair, out in Pomona?. (grin)

LASunsett said...

Hi Amerloque,

I knew if anyone would enjoy these pictures, you'd be the the one. I am glad you enjoyed it.

//Were there any "knitting" or "hooking" contests at the Fair ? //

It's such a big fair and everything cannot possibly be seen in a day. So, I would wager to guess the answer is yes, although I didn't see any. Mrs. Sunsett said she saw a spinning wheel, spinning yarn from raw wool. She said this was in the Pioneer Village, so i must have been looking at the historical farm equipment (or something).