Thursday, August 21, 2008

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard Cleaning Up Mess

Since his election in November, Mayor Ballard has has one heck of a job trying to weed out undesirables on the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Today, the Indy Star is reporting that two more officers are in hot water. Both may lose their jobs and face criminal charges.

An Indianapolis police officer faces a misdemeanor charge of false reporting after his fiancée fled the scene of an accident while she drove his squad car.

Yesterday, it was announced that another officer is in the same dire straits.

An Indianapolis police officer has been suspended without pay and is under criminal investigation as the result of a citizen complaint.

Put that with this recent story, and we have four officers in two weeks up against the wall.

A former Indianapolis police detective attended a Marion Superior Court hearing Thursday after a judge threatened his arrest.

This doesn't count the others that have been fired and charged with other crimes earlier in the year.

The saddest thing in all of this is, there have been some Democrats that have been blaming Ballard (who has been in power for a grand total of some eight months now) for this current mess. They claim this never happened under the Peterson Administration and are looking to pin this on the current one, but only an idiot would do so, knowing that the IMPD was under Sheriff Frank Anderson's control until earlier this year. Anderson and Peterson, both, conspired to lower the standards and now things are coming to light as a result of this act of incompetence.

It takes some time to identify and investigate bad apples. After the process has begun, if it's done right, one can usually expect some positive results. At this point in time, we are seeing those results and I think it's only reasonable to expect there will be more.

The message to IMPD officers that think they can run afoul of the law and get away with it becuse they have a badge, should be crystal clear by now. The countless officers that put their lives on the line everyday to protect the citizens of this city are sick and tired of this. This will not be tolerated any longer. These reprobates will be caught, they will lose their jobs, and if they are convicted of criminal offenses, they will be in jail with many of those they have locked up over the years. If that isn't enough to straighten their dumb asses out, they will be paying the price in the protective custody section of prison.

I have nothing but respect for police officers. They have one of the most endless, tireless, thankless, and underpaid jobs on this planet. But when one of them hides behind a badge to do his/her dirty deeds, I take no greater pleasure than seeing them sweat it out behind bars. They deserve every bit of shame and ridicule they get. And if they get recognized in the prison yard, so be it.

Worthless bastards, they are.

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