Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Recommended Reading

I have two articles I think are well worth the time of PYY readers. Whether one agrees with them totally or not, these pieces are well-written and succeed in opening an entire portal of thought for those that like to ponder the political universe.

The first one comes from Reed Galen, McCain's former deputy campaign manager. It is a comparative look at the Super Bowl (from this past season) and the current presidential campaign. Both are quite similar, when you take a moment ad think about it. (Sorry Greg)

The second one is a brief but pointed examination of what many believe to be the Europeanization of the Democratic Party. The worldviews are closer in alignment than at any other time in our history. Much can be gleaned from doing a comparative study of Europe's and the new Democratic Party's belief systems, and this essay is a start.


Greg said...

My God, the Patriots bashing will never end, will it? Since we're on the subject, I recently massed the courage to watch a video on the clock-management during the Giants' last drive in the Super Bowl. In essence, the referees ignored the rules and stopped the clock repeatedly for the Giants. The game should have ended on the Patriots 30 yard line, with the Patriots ahead. It's true. I guess that makes the Giants "cheaters" who should lose their first round draft pick and be vilified for all time.

How does that part fit into the analogy?

Greg said...

Here's that damning video:

Here's a power-point presentation demonstrating how the worst QB ever to win the S-B made what some sports-history challenged people say is the 'greatest play evaahhh!'

Giants cheated. Eli Manning sucks. They won't even make the playoffs this year.