Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama's Running mate

The tension is mounting, the media is being driven nuts, and everyone is married to their cell phones waiting for a message that has not come yet. From a tactical standpoint, the Obama camp has taken a calculated risk with this "wait and see" approach.

It is true, there are some possible advantages to this kind of game plan. The primary reason this is so? Camp Obama's ability to control the story. After all, he has taken a hit in the news lately.

McCain's ability to exploit his weak showing with some creative advertising is a stark reminder of the reality of Obama's inexperience and potentially poor judgment, should he be elected. McCain's campaign has done a much better job of counter-punching and planting some seeds of doubt (and at very least, concern) about his opponent's resume. (This includes the relationship with Rezko, which is fair game as question material for anyone else wanting a job.)

The other advantage this strategy employs is keeping McCain from naming his running mate sooner than the Convention. It may very well be that the Obama campaign will try to keep this a secret until tomorrow at a rally in Springfield Illinois or Sunday, with some believing that it may not be until after the Clintons have spoken in their allots time slots.

But there are also some disadvantages that must be considered.

Primarily, the Obama people have missed a golden opportunity to dominate the news cycle (even more so than they already have), all day long today and going into the weekend. They have missed out on a Friday the day news junkies that have to deal with back to school issues and other kinds of distracting commitments, over the weekend.

It also may create the perception there is some apprehension of the pick, on their part. It may be they have decided on a dark horse, now that Bayh and Kaine are reportedly no longer in the running.

Whoever may be looking to PYY for the latest news and information, not only needs to see a shrink, but should be prepared to be let down. I will be on the road all day Saturday and if the pick were to be announced then, it as this point that commentary would be delayed. But you can bet I will be thinking about it.

One reason Obama may be dragging this out can be found in this article.

“The only explanation that makes sense is that he really does have a surprise pick or he's trying to convince someone to join the ticket,” said a skeptical operative who has worked for Hillary Clinton, who believed that Obama has squandered a good opportunity to set the agenda in the week before the convention.

Who would be balking? Biden? Napolitano? Someone else?


Rocket said...

So it's Joe Bi(n)(La)den after all

LASunsett said...

So I have seen. Just got out of bed for my day trip and the Yahoo home page had Biden's smiling mugshot.