Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Recommended Reading

Short on time and energy, here are a few things I have managed to read:

1. VDH's latest essay is about Moscow's incursion into Georgia. As always, it's worth a good look.

2. Michael Williams from the Guardian has some good points, worthy of some consideration on how "Old" Europe let Georgia down.

3. Here some official reactions to the situation:

President Bush

Barack Obama

John McCain

Read them all and see what you think.

4. Maureen Dowd is quite an arrogant and snobby writer for the NYT. But sometimes, she stumbles onto something and makes a point or two. She must get around the blogs, because many of us have been saying Hillary has something up her sleeve. And now, Dowd seems to think so too.


Greg said...

I have so much to say on this subject. I tried to bring it up at Superfrenchie, but no one was interested....

I have to say I was sickened by the President's initial reaction. Watching him in China - holding hands with the autocrat Hu (while dissidents are being "re-educated" and western journalists are being roughed up by the chinese "police") and sitting next to the imperialist dictator Putin at a sporting event while our supposed democratic ally Georgia was being pillaged - made me physically ill. He also virtually parotted Hussein Obama's limp-wristed, non-confrontational non-response to Russia's shocking violation of international law.

I actually found something (though only a little bit) to agree with in the Monday le Monde editorial on the issue. It said Bush was showing his freedom agenda was a cruel joke.

In these ways, as usual, I agree with VDH.

Notice here how McCain is again ahead of Bush and (of course) the inexperienced, vacuous bird-brain Hussein Obama. Remember when McCain mocked Bush and said that when he looked at Putin's eyes he saw "KGB"? McCain has been intently interessted in the Georgia issue for years. He has been warning us about Puting and imperialist, evil Russia. Again he demonstrates that he is a strong leader. Watch Hussein Obama - currently mulling the situation over in between surfing and pounding poi in Hawaii - quickly rectify his intitial, pathetic response by doing what he did to Hillary in the primaries: parotting his opponent.

As to the Guardian article, what a shock to see a clear-headed analysis of foreign affairs that actually gives credit to America! I have been a big supporter of NATO and was similarly dismayed when our useless allies in Europe bowed to the obvious master in Moscow and denied Ukraine and Georgia membership in NATO. They certainly know who their boss is! They know they don't want to worry about heating their homes come winter, no matter how many Georgians have to die! Finally, a real war for oil, and Europe is suddenly docile.

Finally, Maureen the hottest liberal I know.

Sorry for the long comment. Like I said, I had a lot to say on the subject.

Greg said...

And I'm not even done. I also want to say I approve of the President's secondary reaction to militarize the "humanitarian" response. Notice the juxtaposition to Russia's "peacekeeping" mission. He's daring Russia to get in a direct confrontation with the US. Putin may be able to bully its small neighbors, but you can bet it doesn't want the USAF taking out Russia's antiquated radar stations and blowing its old fighter jets out of the sky. I predict the now appropriate, strong American response will be respected. Provided of course that we can convince our European allies to at least stand behind us, if not beside us....

LASunsett said...

//Notice here how McCain is again ahead of Bush and (of course) the inexperienced, vacuous bird-brain Hussein Obama.//

Bush's comment about looking into Putin's eyes and seeing his soul will rank with his "mission accomplished" speech on the ship and his "bring it on" comment at the height of the Iraqi debacle. I have stood with him when he right, but in these instances he was/is clearly wrong.

//Finally, Maureen the hottest liberal I know.//

Isn't she a bit old for you, Greg? ;)