Saturday, March 01, 2008

Another Blast From The Past

Sam and Dave, Chad and Jeremy, both were good in their day. But there was one duo that shined far above the rest. When you talk about song writing duos, only Lennon-McCartney surpasses these two. But these two are a close second. This week the feature artist is none other than Simon and Garfunkel.

Not much to say, I'll just let the music do the talking.

Here is Sound Of Silence:

Next up, Homeward Bound:

A song of stability, I Am A Rock:

The live version of my favorite S&G song, Bridge Over Troubled Water:

For those that have never seen my country like I have, watch this video for some great shots. Here is the immortal, America:



Anonim said...

Hi LA. Great music. I hope 2008 is being good to you and your loved ones.

LASunsett said...

Hi Anonim,

How've you been doing?

2008 is okay so far. No better or worse than 2007, I suppose. As I get older, I am just happy to be here. Beats the alternative, hands down. ;)

Anonim said...

Doing alright. Not as much blog-hopping as I used to. Waiting for the spring to arrive...