Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Al Gore Errors

Over at Fore Left, AC has a post that covers the recent report that Antarctica is cracking up due to global warming. The report can be found here at one of the usual biased outlets, CNN.

Notably missing is information that is highly contradictory, which can be found at Ice

As I perused around the Ice Cap site, I happened across ten distinct errors that the administrator of the site has found in Al Gore's weak and faulty claims.

Those that worship in the First Church of the Global Warming Junk Science Theory will not believe it. They have made their minds up despite the scientific evidence that speaks otherwise.

No, they will still believe Bro. Al and his choir of sycophants, no matter what the facts may say. But despite the fact that there is credible evidence refuting (or at very least casting some reasonable doubt on) his last best effort at creating a credible banner issue, the promoters of the Leftist political agenda will continue to put forth erroneous information, and gullible people will buy into it until the day they die.

(Many thanks to AC, for a stellar find)

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Greg said...

LAS, in case you haven't heard, "all scientists agree" the world will soon boil. Well, at least "all real scientists not controlled by Booosh and big oil." Well, okay, "some real scientists and a lot of other scientists too afraid to speak their minds."