Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eliot Spitzer And Barack Obama : Distractions Abound

Two Things:

1. The Spitzer debacle.

What kind of idiot does this, knowing how it is going to play out? Really now, how can someone think they are going to keep something like this hushed, when the person has made so many enemies?

To put his family in the news and embarrass them as he has, to set himself up for the potential for blackmail, he has clearly demonstrated that he is not the kind of person that can effectively run a state like New York.

That said, I must ask the question: Who gives a damn? I know I don't. Like my good friend Mustang commented recently, it would seem that the resources used to uncover this thing could/would have been better spent trying to catch a terrorist.

2. Obama's middle name.

Who cares? Here we are a couple of weeks status post the Bill Cunningham comments and we are still hearing this complained about, by his surrogates on talk shows. Instead of debating his record (or lack thereof), we are forced to listen to his surrogates proclaiming how unjust this is. We are still hearing about how divisive, xenophobic, and racist it is to say his name.

There are a lot of things we should be talking about. His name isn't one of them.

How about asking him (and his surrogates) about how Obama has missed a lot of key votes throughout his short career? He has only been in the Senate for three years and yet, he has positioned himself to be a personality candidate by dodging the hard issues. In fact, in the days leading up to the beginning of the primary season, he missed around 80% of the votes.

He claims he is the only one that didn't vote for the war. That is only partly true. While it's true that he didn't vote for it, there was a good reason for it. He wasn't even in the Senate. (This is known as a half-truth.)

What few votes he has been able to find the motivation to cast, has been along liberal lines. He is part of a generation that believes that government owes the people things. If you (like me) find that government is inherently inept, willfully corrupt, and extremely co-dependent in nature, then you will find that Obama is not the man we need for the White House. If (on the other hand) you think the government doesn't do enough for the people by lobbying for more entitlements, irresponsible foreign policies, and are generally apologetic towards this nation, Obama or Hillary will do just fine.

There really is no real calculable difference in ideology here.


Anonymous said...

mullah cimoc say aemriki him society so destroy. this to punish for the cruel.

but some the important question usa control media never to speaking:

1. $4000 for it prositute? This the too much money. Even NY governor not to making that much for spending $4000. This meaning the cash payoff. Somebody paying the cash to this man for buy prostitute and maybe othr thing too. For sure him wife to notice if gone $4000 so often. This mean the corruption.

2. Remember him New Jersey governor to homosexual and gay with israeli agent? Am true? Whthim name the Golam?

3. This the so common way for spying to control it call honey bucket to trap the fly. And the pimp him the israeli? In waziristan this man be kill fast the stone and burn the poison moneyof the filth.

USA media so control and make lie for usa people. Him usa man only want sex pill and refrigerator new. Him soul to lost. Him wife lesbian, daughter slut take LBT (low back tattoo) son the gay with the fingernail. This so ashame for all ameriki people.

A.C. McCloud said...

Not sure I can follow that, but I'll try.

Speaking of votes, Obama missed the vote on outlawing "torture" (interrogation bill) the same one McCain voted against and Bush just vetoed. The override failed Tuesday in the House. We've heard nothing about him missing that vote in the mainstream media, or what it means.

Since presumably the bill has to come back around there will be another chance, but we'll have to wait to see which way the wind is blowing to make a prediction on whether he'll show up and earn his govt paycheck.

LASunsett said...

mullah cimoc,

If you cannot write something in a reasonably intelligent manner, do not bother posting anything here again or I will simply delete it. I don't mind respectful dissent, but your words are crap and the mark of the troll you are. You are well-known in the blogosphere as a non-sensical troll that wastes space.

LASunsett said...

//Not sure I can follow that, but I'll try.//

I guarantee you AC, if you were three sheets into the wind, you'd make more sense than that.

Here is a sampling of this guy's work around the blogosphere here

As for the vote you mention, there are others with the same level of importance that he has missed. I think he just wants to dodge issues that will make it hard for him to triangulate. America would be wise to not let him fool her, he is just another loathsome politician.

Greg said...

Like my good friend Mustang commented recently, it would seem that the resources used to uncover this thing could/would have been better spent trying to catch a terrorist.

Well, now we know why some Democrats are so opposed to wiretapping....

Anonymous said...

As LA said, it is one thing to disgrace yourself; people do that all the time. Lately, however, we see a number of thoroughly embarrassed women paraded to the podium so that their husbands can humiliate them further by announcing they have gay lovers or a string of prostitutes. So when liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz claims that Spitzer’s crime was victimless, I’m not sure his wife and children can agree. For most of us, it isn’t about the ladies or partisan politics — even when I heard one liberal hack suggest that the Republicans “set him up.” I can’t imagine how the GOP did that, unless “Tina” was a Republican. No, I think it is really about hypocrisy and disgracing his family.

Like you, I don’t care about Obama’s middle name; even though I am amused that he doesn’t use it. There are much more important issues and few are paying much attention. The right seems fixated on the middle name, and the left on his “rock star” personae. I think McCain, in refusing to involve himself in taking cheap shots, is trying to follow the high ground. We may be living in “interesting times,” but it isn’t anything I want to tell my grandchildren one day.

Greg said...

Mustang, I would have to agree w/ Dershowitz that the prostitution thing is "victimless" in the same way that simply cheating on his wife for free is. In other words, I don't care too much about it. I didn't care about the flimsy evidence of a misdemeanor against Larry Craig either, for the same reason. I didn't care too much about Clinton's b.j. I didn't care about McGreavy's affair with a male staffer.

I do share, however, your disgust at the way these "men" have treated their families. And can't we do away with the charade of the jilted wife, all drugged out on valium, "standing by her man" at the podium? It's a disgrace.

And Spitzer's case is significantly different from the others I mentioned in that it involved money laundering to avoid the federal scrutiny involved in any transaction involving $10,000 or more. That he would engage in that crime says that he is completely unqualified to be the chief law enforcement officer of a state.