Friday, March 28, 2008

Hannity Defends Obama

Many people trash Sean Hannity merely because they disagree with his views. But in this video, he defends Obama against a Harlem pastor that is not a fan of Obama, and uses harsh rhetoric to communicate that dislike.

Policy differences, questions about Obama's record (or lack thereof), and his ties to a pastor that hates America and preaches separatism, is one thing. But calling him trash is another.


Greg said...

Coincidentally, I read yesterday that, while commenting on the Dunbar Village gang rape (google it if you haven't heard of it), Al Sharpton insinuated Hannity was a racist. I was surprised to learn Sharpton watches Fox. I wonder if he caught this segment with Pastor Williams and what he thought of it.

Rocket said...

I got a chuckle from the WSJ today. Here is part of an article (you have to be a subscriber)concerning Hillary Clinton

"What struck me as the best commentary on the Bosnia story came from a poster called GI Joe who wrote in to a news blog: "Actually Mrs. Clinton was too modest. I was there and saw it all. When Mrs. Clinton got off the plane the tarmac came under mortar and machine gun fire. I was blown off my tank and exposed to enemy fire. Mrs. Clinton without regard to her own safety dragged me to safety, jumped on the tank and opened fire, killing 50 of the enemy." Soon a suicide bomber appeared, but Mrs. Clinton stopped the guards from opening fire. "She talked to the man in his own language and got him [to] surrender. She found that he had suffered terribly as a result of policies of George Bush. She defused the bomb vest herself." Then she turned to his wounds. "She stopped my bleeding and saved my life. Chelsea donated the blood."

Made me laugh. It was like the voice of the people answering back. This guy knows that what Mrs. Clinton said is sort of crazy. He seems to know her reputation for untruths. He seemed to be saying, "I get it."

LASunsett said...


That was too damned funny. Now my sides are hurting and I must go take some Tylenol.

Anonymous said...