Thursday, March 20, 2008

News In Brief (And The Usual Opinionated Commentary)

Remember OBL?

With all of the fallout from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's inflammatory racist and anti-American comments, there is a name that has been overlooked as of late. In this statement, he threatens Europe for the cartoons depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammed. And the Euros thought the lion would eat them last.

A New Twist

Rev. Wright is not the only one capable of inflammatory rhetoric from the pulpit. This would be considered very racist, if it were a white pastor. Warning: Very Incendiary

Another Obama Critic Surfaces

This is a bit more appropriate criticism of Obama and his use of white racism, as a weak excuse for Rev. Wrong's maladaptive coping mechanisms. The pastor that penned these words is also black, but he is not supporting Obama for some very different reasons than Rev. Manning.

McCain Lead Widens

The Wright controversy has done some damage to Obama, as is evidenced by this latest poll from Rasmussen. Mainstream voters are now beginning to see that Obama is not all he has been portrayed in the adoring MSM.


Greg said...

As to OBL's latest pathetic missive, I have now learnt the lesson the Europeans (and Rev. "Wrong" [love it!]) have been trying to teach us dumb 'mericans for years now: it is the actions of western countries that create terrorists and invite attacks.

If only those Europeans hadn't committed blasphemy vs. the prophet mohammed (PBUH), they wouldn't have to worry about all the terrorists they've created with their mean cartoons. If OBL attacks, I guess it will be the Europeans' (and Booosh's) fault....


LASunsett said...


Haven't you learned by now that EVERYTHING is Bush's fault?

If only Bush hadn't done this or done that is getting old. This is especially true now that he isn't running for re-election.

The thing that is interesting about this is, OBL has now turned some of his malice towards those that have tried so hard to provide us dumb 'mericans with what they think is a valid explanation for the jihadists' hatred of the U.S. (That and the fact that it may be harder to implement attacks on American soil, now.)