Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another Blast From The Past

In honor of the two Democratic candidates, this week's themes will be in line with the candidates, their followers, and their fellow Democratic party members.

Ladies first. But I have to say that my good friend AC, at Fore Left, beat me to the song I was going to use for this particular segment. Normally, I have my musical post up before he does on Saturday. So due to my sloth, I have lost the moment of opportunity and have been forced to select another. Here is a tribute song to Hillary Clinton. It's from Fleetwood Mac and it's called Little Lies:

Next up comes a tribute song for the spellbinding oratory power of one Barack H. Obama. His speeches have had such a mesmerizing effect on the youth of America (and a few oldsters that should know better), it is only fitting we go to another Fleetwood Mac song, called Hypnotized:

And finally, for the Democrats in general, we have a prophetic look into the future. After he or she has been chosen to represent the party in the 2008 General Election, the party will be virtually wrecked. So it's only fitting that we feature a little song by Rockpile. It's called Crawling From The Wreckage:


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