Friday, March 28, 2008

Obama Vs. Hillary: The Unseen Struggle

Hillary is determined. In her heart, she feels like she has a chance. Many in the Democratic party do not think so and when it gets down to it, they are outright calling for her to quit.

If you ever wonder what makes this woman tick, all you have to do is study her (and hubby), for a little while.

The truth is, she really wants this bad. Bill promised it to her. You know how cheaters are. They cheat and then promise to make it up to you. Well, he did. And now he's trying. Together, they are looking at themselves and thinking that it's owed to them and they are not giving up.

Bill thought that he'd be able to use his former presidency as leverage in wielding party influence, propelling her to an easy walk to the nomination. And Hillary? Well, she believed him and bought into this thinking (lock, stock, and barrel).

She thought that his power, influence, and his generally overplaying the rock star card, would make her nomination certain; she thought it was guaranteed. Although she has long dreamed of this opportunity, there was an element of miscalculation here. Just when she thought this was going to be a cakewalk, here comes some greenhorn senator that hasn't even served a full term yet, amassing a cult following (through the financing of George Soros and the likes).

She sees him taking what is rightfully promised to her. And it makes her quite mad.
So what do you think she wants to do?

I know what I think.

I think she will run as hard and far as she can. If she comes up short, it isn't going to be by much; and it doesn't seem to unreasonable to suggest that she may be trying to damage Obama in the general election, on the chance she cannot pull off a super-delegate coup.

Why? Because there's a very likely chance that John McCain will win against Obama and if that's the case, there's a strong likelihood that McCain will only serve one term. And if Obama were to win, there's little to no chance that she will be able to run ever again.

Right now, she still thinks it's a crap shoot. She still may think she can sway the super-delegates, if she finishes strong in the delegate count. But I seriously doubt she hasn't thought about the "what ifs", by now. She knows that being the veep won't get it. So, she won't be interested in it.

(This could be why Richardson endorsed Obama at this juncture. I think it goes without saying that Richardson can attract more Hispanic support, which is why I think he will be picked, if Obama wins the nod.)

I know what some of you may thinking. You may have drawn a conclusion by now that I may be wrong. (And that's always a possibility) You may have even heard the sound bite I heard of her today, pleading with Democrats to not vote for McCain. But, as you consider these things, do not forget another.

This is the woman that tells a lie, when the truth would have done just fine. The embellishment about the sniper fire was enough of an exaggeration to warrant "lying" status. If you have a candidate that you know you cannot trust (versus one that you might be able to snow the people into believing he is trustworthy), which one would they choose? I think this may have done her in, in the end.

But let's not lose sight of the fact that the longer this goes on, the more damage gets done to Obama. The longer it goes on, the more damaged his candidacy becomes and the Democrats know it. They know it and they are quite worried about it.

What some of them may not know is, Obama represents the Deaniac and Soros wing of the Democratic party. In reality, Obama is being used as a pawn to bring down the Clintons and assert control of the party. It's not a policy thing, it's a personality thing. It's one of those "battle for the heart and soul things" on the surface, but a personal one under.

As I say, even though Dean has been a major player in the"so-called" redefinition of the party, there is little difference in Dean or Hill/Bill's vision. Both are advocating the stark move toward the socialist style of government. Both despise George Bush. It's not either of those things that make the difference here. It's just that Hillary knows to sacrifice Obama in this election, it will get rid of Dean.

With Dean and company backing Obama and Bill backing Hillary, the real war is on. Meanwhile, John McCain and Romney are gallivanting around looking like President and Vice-President.

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Obob said...

"What some of them may not know is, Obama represents the Deaniac and Soros wing of the Democratic party. In reality, Obama is being used as a pawn to bring down the Clintons and assert control of the party."
I cannot agree with you more on that entore paragraph. This is a seismic shift in the culture of the party. This works on two levels.
1) the break up of the Clinton dynasty (Chelsea does not appear to have the chops)
2) the attainment of power. One of those jokers ran for President and the other wants to be by proxy and checkbook.