Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Colombia: Chavez Funding FARC

From the Miami Herald comes this story about evidence being found that Venezuela has been funding FARC. No wonder, Chavez and his Ecuadorean counterpart, Correa, are creating smokescreens out of claims of violations of sovereignty.

From the article:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez gave Colombia's FARC guerrillas $300 million this year and accepted some $150,000 from the leftist rebels in the early 1990s, according to explosive allegations by Colombia's police chief.

That's not all they are claiming. Let's read on:

Gen. Oscar Naranjo made those and other allegations of FARC involvement with drug shipments and uranium based on materials discovered in one of three computers captured when Colombian troops raided a rebel camp in Ecuador on Saturday.

I find this troubling, but not surprising in the least.

Chavez would love nothing more than to help keep instability thriving in Colombia, for the reasons I outlined yesterday. There is little doubt that he'd love Venezuela to have nuclear capabilities. Now that he has nationalized the oil industry, we can expect he will have the capital to pursue such ends, in the face of critical shortages the nation he leads is now facing.

Some socialist society, right?

But , it gets even better.

A furious Correa blasted the Colombian raid into his country, saying the neighbor's military leaders and President Alvaro Uribe ``are lying to Ecuador and lying to the world.''

Correa said evidence shows the rebels were shot in the back and in their underwear, suggesting they were killed in their sleep and not in hot pursuit from the Colombian side of the border as Bogotá claims.

Who ever said war was fair? If you don't want to fight an unfair war, don't start one.

FARC has no qualms about killing innocents in their quest to overthrow the government, why should the government show any deference in this matter? You fight battles to win, you fight wars to win.

It's not a credible argument, when one party does the same thing they accuse the other of. It's called hypocrisy.


Anonymous said...

I think it is important to note that Chavez and Correa are not making statements for the consumption of intelligent people; they are making these statements to develop a sense of outrage among ignorant citizens who they hope will see them as “true leaders.” This is the primary benefit of keeping your people “ignorant,” you know. It isn’t a simple matter of literacy, as evidenced by the number of really-stupid “literate” people here in our country. The world needs educated citizens, and this suggests more than being able to read at the 7th grade level.

As for shooting people in the back, would not that also suggest they were running away? Besides, a dead enemy is . . . well, dead. How is that a bad thing?

Greg said...

As for shooting people in the back, would not that also suggest they were running away? Besides, a dead enemy is . . . well, dead. How is that a bad thing?

Seriously, what's next? Whining that bombing from an airplane isn't fair?

Great editorial on this issue today:


"We hear complaints from nations such as France, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile and Italy that Colombia's forces went into Ecuador chasing a terrorist, violating its "sovereignty" — even though, as documents show, Ecuador helped Colombian guerrillas make themselves at home in that country.

Colombia apologized for the incursion, and had every right to expect understanding. But instead of a spotlight on Ecuador for harboring terror camps, critics focused on Colombia's trespassing."

Countries that harbor or finance terrorists need to be punished. Lesson #1 of 9/11.

LASunsett said...

//The world needs educated citizens, and this suggests more than being able to read at the 7th grade level.//

But sir, that would mean they would have to put down the Play Station controls long enough to read something.

LASunsett said...

I read that article this morning, Greg. Some thanks they get for doing something positive, despite the fact they had to do it on another country's soil. A big thanks to Juan Valdez is in order.

Rocket said...

What do you expect from France. They tried to go and get Betancourt a few years ago by flying into Brazil with no authorization and negotiating directly with the FARC. (D. Devillepin). They fell on their faces.

If it serves their own interests the French will negotiate with terrorists. And don't forget that Municipal elections are coming next weekend in France and the ruling party is not doing so well.

Sarkozy has been talking only about Ingrid Betancourt. Not all of the hostages.

Remember Entebbe when the French negotiated the release of their own citizens on the hijacked plane when it was in Greece. Let the non French eat cake!

Or the late 70s and early 80's when the French gov't let the Palestinians operate in their country as long as they didn't hit "French" targets. Thus French Jews were targeted. (Rue de Rosiers, Rue Copernic.)


Unable to identify the threat especially when one is not looking.

Ah yes, such is France and a good part of southern Europe.

So I'm not at all surprised.