Friday, March 21, 2008

Recommended Reading

To get some understanding about how many feel about the race card, I recommend reading Mustang's latest post.

I know of many people (black and white) that recognize it, when it's being played. Blacks that have worked hard to teach their children certain moral lessons are especially appalled, when they read how someone effectively used it to escape consequences. Equally, they are usually dismayed by the victim mentality that is promoted by the lucrative race-baiting industry, especially after they have worked so hard to achieve success (independent of government assistance, brought on by white-guilt).

I once knew of a dean of boys (high school) that was harder on black kids, than he ever was on the white kids. I pitied the black kid that tried to gain special favor from him, simply because they were of the same race. They got to hear a long lecture, mostly on how the white man didn't give him a thing and not to expect them to get anything, either. His thinking was such a simple thing. Once you earn something (i.e. education), it's yours to keep and no one can take it from you.

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