Saturday, March 29, 2008

March Madness

Now, we are down to the regional finals. Here are my predictions on the games that will decide who goes to San Antonio, for the Final Four:

North Carolina - Louisville

This is a tough one. Normally, I would not bat an eye on this one. But Louisville is playing well right now and they certainly handled Tennessee, fairly easily. I think I am going out on a limb here, I am going with Louisville in an upset.

UCLA - Xavier

Another mild surprise in the tournament (besides Louisville) is the Xavier Musketeers. They have certainly gone further than I expected. But UCLA is just too good on defense. I'll go with UCLA on this one.

Memphis - Texas

I have Texas picked to go to the Final Four on my bracket. Memphis certainly looked unstoppable against Michigan State, but I think Texas is a far better team that the Spartans. My apologies to my good friend AC, but I have to go with Texas on this one.

Kansas - Davidson

The big surprise in the tourney is the Davidson Wildcats. They have really been on a run and have surpassed everyone's predictions. But, just as the hype for Villanova was just, well.... hype. Davidson will likely meet the same demise against the stronger Jayhawks. So, I am going with Kansas to end Davidson's cinderella season.


Obob said...

I had all of those except Wisc in the final 4. I figure 7/8 in teh elite 8 isn't bad

A.C. McCloud said...

How about that Hansbrough? ;-)

I wouldn't put a plug nickel on Texas or Memphis. Calipari has been pumping them 24/7 about how little respect they've been getting in the press but the Longhorns are playing a home game. Should be close.

I'm on a roll with Davidson. I'm taking them over Kansas, like a fool.
Curry fever!

LASunsett said...

Hansbrough is the real deal. Louisville just couldn't contain him. they fell just a mite bit short, but gave a good effort.

Memphis has been overlooked a lot this year. But, if they play their game, the way they know how to play it, they can beat anyone. Texas is better than their record reflects. It should be a darn good game.