Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Division And Despair

Democrats are getting nervous, and rightly so. Both of their remaining candidates are seeking a place of destiny and destroying the party, to get there. Even prominent Democrats and left leaning media types are seeing this, and they are willing to state this publicly:

Bob Beckel

Phil Bredesen (Governor of Tennessee)

Noam Scheiber of TNR (Yes. Another one named, Noam)

E.J. Dionne

Some bloggers think Hillary is destroying it.

Others think it is Obama.

I suspect some are saying much more privately, but that's not all. Some Dems aren't saying anything. But their actions (or in this case, inactions) are. Dems that are challenging in other races across the country appear to be afraid to endorse either candidate, especially Obama.

Despite Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-Ill.) promises, many Democratic congressional candidates in conservative districts remain unconvinced that he can redraw the general election map by competing in red states.

While Obama is popular among some challengers seeking an edge in contested primaries, other non-incumbents have shied away from endorsing him. Most are staying out of the fray, endorsing neither Obama nor Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.).

I say they have no political courage. Waiting for the nominee to become known is comparable with the usual finger in the wind approach, we have become accustomed to from the majority of Democrats. The end result may be a double digit victory in the popular vote and an electoral landslide for McCain. (SEE: 1968 and 1972.)

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