Monday, July 04, 2005

Al Jazeera To Start English Speaking Channel

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DOHA, Qatar - Al-Jazeera is nothing if not bold. It has fought repeatedly with Washington, which says its exclusive broadcasts of Osama bin Laden speeches show an anti-American, pro-terrorist bias. Its freewheeling broadcasts have decimated state-run TV stations across much of the Arab world, leading some countries to close its bureaus down. So what does such a network do next? Plan a massive expansion.

By March, the network will launch Al-Jazeera International, a satellite channel that will beam English-language news to the United States — and much of the rest of the world -from its base in tiny Qatar.

Boy, do I feel foolish. I thought they already had one.

I thought it was CNN.


Always On Watch said...

Anyone who has doubts as to how Al Jazeera twists the news should visit the web site.

The last thing we need is that rot being broadcast in English.

LASunsett said...

It already is. Just watch the three major network newcasts and CNN.

Always On Watch said...

Make that "more rot."

LASunsett said...

Your correction has been properly noted. ;)