Friday, July 08, 2005

Struggling For Words

Well, what can we say?

Here's what we can't say.

We cannot say that we are surprised. The warnings have been there, for years. The age of modern jihad began in 1979, when the Iranian thugs violated the sovereignty of the U.S. by illegally invading and occupying our embassy. At that moment the world watched to see what response the strongest nation in the world would give. We got appeasement.

If you haven't read "A Short History Of WWIII" by Sal Rosken at
PartialObserver you seriously need to. It is quite a comprehensive list of just how many attacks that we as a nation have endured, after that first blow; it does not include those that have been directed against other countries, to include Israel. When you see just how many we have let go, for so long, it will cause you to ask why nothing was done sooner.

(Reagan made a menial effort. But he was more limited than we are today, because of the Cold War. The real next threat was brewing, while he was busy trying to beat the most formidable threat of that day, the USSR and its satellites.)

In the days leading up to WWII, we saw an out of control dictator threaten and take what he wanted, when he wanted it. Chamberlain negotiated and what did we get? That's right, appeasement. It was not until he spun so far out of control and plunged us into one of the bloodiest and destructive wars of all time, that the appeasers were finally convinced that the Nazis were, in fact, a true, bonafide threat that needed to be dealt with.

Today, we see the same kid gloves, the same measured responses, and the same appeasers tying the hands of those that must put everything on the line to defeat these bottom feeding, low-life Islamofascists. We also have seen today, the specific result of what happens if these people continue to be appeased.

So, what can I say?

How about this:

Have the leftists around the world seen enough? I really doubt it. But is there a liberal that has been so staunchly anti-American that may now be moved to at least sit on the fence and think about this a little deeper than you have , in the past? If so, think about this. Compare this day and age to that of the pre-WWII era and see if anything rings familar.

Is there someone that has been sitting on the fence that now has seen enough and is willing to admit, they have been too ambivalent about such a serious threat? If so, get off of the damned fence and get with the program. Start supporting what we are trying to do and start demanding that we do better.

If there is one criticism I have had for President Bush, it has to be, he has allowed these appeasing pacifists to tie his hands. He has been fighting a sensitive war and we all know there can never be such a thing, when total victory is needed. These bastards are not going to be impressed with anything we do to show our human sides, because being human to animals is an extremely ineffective strategy. They are not human, therefore they cannot respond as humans. To continue in this manner, is to accept defeat.

People around the world need to sit up and take notice, because this threat is not going to be averted, any more than Chamberlain brought back peace in his time.


Leslie Bates said...

When an anti-particle comes into contact with a normal particle the two particles are annihilated, the subsequent energy release then disrupts the structure of the normal matter around it. What we are confronted with are not human beings in the moral sense of the concept but anti-human beings.

Unlike mere animals they have the capacity for creative thought, but instead of applying their minds to the protection and enhancement of human life they are dedicated to the destruction of life. Mere animals will attack humans out of fear or hunger. Anti-humans attack out of nihilistic hatred of human life.

While animals can be driven off or isolated from human populations, anti-humans retain their capacity for creative thought and will at some point defeat the means of isolation and resume their attacks on human populations. If human society is to survive than the cause of anti-human behavior must be eliminated.

Islam must be destroyed.

LASunsett said...

Point well-taken. I apolgize to the animal kingdom. To call these killers animals would elevate them from their already lower than the lowest whale shit, classification.