Monday, July 11, 2005

Here's What We Can Soon Look Forward To

Click on the title for a link to MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute). It links to some kinds of quotes that we can all look forward to seeing, when Al-Jazeera starts pumping their sludge into this country on a nightly basis (in English, no less).

These are some excerpts from the excerpts:

Note-The speakers are Mustafa Fiqi, chairman, of the Egyptian Parliament foreign affairs committee and with General Ahmad Abd Al-Halim of the Egyptian Council of Foreign Affairs. Their words are in response to the attacks on London.


There are terrorists in every religion and nationality. Perhaps, by chance, there are Muslims who carry out some of the terrorist operations at this stage, but Jews carried out terrorist operations in the past, and Christians have carried out terrorist operations as well. No religion has a monopoly on terrorism.

Blame Jews, blame Americans, blame Christians. How many Jews, Christians, or Americans are actively seeking innocent Muslims to kill?

Denial, big time.

General Abd Al-Halim:

These groups, as we said and as was mentioned, are not just Muslim. There are many extremist groups. We've all heard of Bader-Meinhof. We've all heard of the Red Brigades, the Red Army, and many other groups. Even if we don't hear about these groups in the media, we can't exclude them. It's possible that these groups operate today under the guise of Al-Qaeda, and it's attributed to Al- Qaeda, and there is a communiqué saying that Al-Qaeda and so on.

More denial (and I don't mean that river, either).

But hey, give him credit. He took me on a trip down Memory Lane by mentioning the Bader-Meinhof Gang and the Red Brigades, which went on a rampage in Germany and Italy (respectively) when I lived in Europe. Also to his credit, he didn't mention Jews and Americans.

Well, you can see what we are in for soon. But be not afraid, maybe the law of supply and demand will prevail and the cable companies will be forced to drop it due to lack of interest and ratings.

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