Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Funnies

Three golfers went golfing one day.

On one of the holes, the first one hit the ball into the water. When he went to hit it out of the pond, it was then the water parted just the right amount to hit the ball right out, and onto the green. And he did.

On the next hole, a second golfer hit his ball into that hole's pond, but the ball was seen floating in the water. He walked on the water to the ball, aimed, swung, and knocked the ball onto the green into easy putting range.

On the very next hole, the third golfer hit his ball awry. It was headed to the water, but out of nowhere a bird caught the ball and flew over the green. At the most opportune time, lightning struck the bird causing the bird to drop the ball directly into the cup.

It was at that time, Moses told Jesus that he wasn't going to play golf with his dad.... ever again.


Greg said...

heh. here's hoping jesus is with me on the course this afternoon. lord knows I need the help. I am an awful, awful golfer. :)

LASunsett said...

Greg, good luck. I haven't golfed in years. Therefore, I am not qualified to give you any pointers that may be of any use to you. Just hit the ball straight and aim for the flag. ;)