Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Open Thread

Between work, my mother's injury, and preparing for vacation, I haven't had much time for writing blog posts. Now that my kids are grown I thought I would have more time for myself.

Surprise, surprise Sergeant Carter. It ain't happening.

Anyway, because my duties have taken me out of the realm of five-star blogging for a season, I thought I'd do something I rarely do and throw up an open thread.


Greg said...

Lakers in 6 :(

LASunsett said...

Greg, I am inclined to think you are right and if I had to bet money, that's how I would bet. But, they do play the games for a reason.

Back when I was a boy, the Celts were always just that much better than the Lakers and it was frustrating to the players and the fans.

As a young man in the Bird and Magic era, both teams went back and forth a lot. Either team could get hot on either team's floor. Both were capable of winning any game, on any given day. One year 85, I think), I remember the Celtics blowing out the Lakers in game one.....badly. Lakers came back and won the series.

It seems to be that way now, but I think the big difference is, the Celtics' ages are starting to catch up with them. Why else would they stand and watch an old guy thread his way through the green team players, untouched, until the shot?

I think Rondo will be the face of the franchise for a long time. If Boston is to stay competitive over the next few years, they will need to build around him.

A.C. McCloud said...

Black Hawks win the Stanley Cup. What's next, locusts, and sack cloth, etc?

LASunsett said...

//What's next, locusts, and sack cloth, etc?//

30 days of burnt offerings.