Thursday, June 17, 2010

Racism Is Alive And Well In South Carolina

One of the stories we have been following is the South Carolina primary election. It seems the Democratic nominee is under fire from his fellow statesman, Congressman James Clyburn (D-6th).

The powerful Democratic Caucus member, Clyburn, is suggesting that Alvin Greene is a plant:

COLUMBIA, S.C. - U.S. Congressman James Clyburn suggested Thursday that Alvin Greene may be a "plant" in the Democratic U.S. Senate race in South Carolina and called for a full investigation. Greene shocked the state by winning the primary, despite having no money and running no campaign.

Here's the reported tally:

Alvin M Greene 58.96% 99,971 votes

Vic Rawl 41.04% 69,572 votes

Total number of votes cast: 169,543

That's right groovy guys and gals, the man simply put his name on the ballot and abracadabra, presto change-o, he wins it. No money. no website, no campaign appearances -- this guy just waltzes to victory (literally) sight unseen.

Seems like a benign fairy tale, right?

Wrong. It turns out that all is not golden in the Palmetto State.

Greene is apparently facing obscenity charges involving a 19 year old white university student, over the age of consent. The row that has ensued his victory is over that.... and the fact that he was able to come up with money necessary to file a candidacy, when he supposedly is indigent. We know this because he is unemployed, lives with his dad, and requested a court-appointed lawyer in his legal charges.

Because of these oddities, the Democratic world of hackery is claiming he is a GOP plant.

Who knows? All of this may be true.

But here's the truth that no one wants to tell you:

Vic Rawl, his opponent in the primary, was a relative unknown name too. One major difference in the two is Greene is black, and Rawl is white.

No one vetted this guy before the vote took place. They just placed him on the ballot and let the voters vote.

Since a huge number of Democrats in SC are blacks or white guilt-ridden intellectual elitists, they voted for the man solely based on his skin color. They could not have voted on his policy proposals or his stands on the issues, because he did not articulate any.

And now, Clyburn thinks that a Republican must be behind it all. He even has implicated the voting machines, which are the same machines that carried him back to victory in HIS primary.

To be honest, I can understand why he would suspect the GOP plant part of this story. He thinks his own challenger was a plant. I can also understand why he would want us all to believe there was some hanky panky with the voting machines. Apparently, the SC Democratic Party is full of racists and Jim doesn't want the world to know that skin color is the determining factor in this particular election race.


Anonymous said...

Dare we assume that hanky-panky (as you call it) actually exists in state politics? Like you, I have no idea what is going on. AC addressed this issue a few days back and my only suggestion then was that either Mark Sanford engineered this whole thing to get even with all of those who turned their backs on him, or possibly you had something to do with it being that you were in the Carolinas lately. I’ve since discarded both of those theories, mostly because I’ve heard from Gov. Sanford and your Italiano abregado —both of whom suggested that I put a lid on it.

Mr. Clyburn is a racist, of course but that doesn’t mean his theory is invalid. In spite of the fact that Vic Rawl has been active in state politics, he doesn’t have state-wide name recognition —so I think both Rawl and Greene are about even on that score. And as you pointed out, Mr. Greene is black, which could be an advantage in some sections of South Carolina in the same way that being black is helpful on the Southside of Chicago. The fact that Alvin is facing obscenity charges with a 19-year old fat chick has no bearing on this matter because he is a politician, which simply means there is a built in sleaze factor. Where did he get the $10,000 to file for senatorial candidacy? Well, I think he cashed in his Christmas club account.

Honestly, I can’t buy into the “Greene is a plant” idea. I’ve seen his picture. He’s not a plant; he’s as human as you or I. Yet, based on all the information you provided to us here, I do think it is one of the GOP’s dirty tricks. There’s just no other explanation if you discount the fact that most people in the 6th Congressional District are stupid; the law of probabilities suggests that if the people of the 6th District are moronic, then there are probably morons at other locations too.

Anonymous said...

//Honestly, I can’t buy into the “Greene is a plant” idea. I’ve seen his picture. He’s not a plant; he’s as human as you or I. //

The men and I are arguing a lot lately. I say you'd be better suited for slap-stick and they think you'd be a better satirist, because you are wringing wet with sarcasm.

Maybe the First Sergeant will weigh in later and break the tie.


Anonymous said...

Well Asche, this could be the reason you are still a gunny and not a first sergeant: you don't see first sergeants arguing with the men. He speaks, they execute.

I'm sure the First Sergeant will weigh in later, and equally positive you won't like it.

LASunsett said...

Gunny, what have I told you about going outside the chain of command?

Your job is to manage and push the troops and I expect you to perform like you mean it. No more arguing, no more excuses.

It's MY job to tell the Commander he is sarcastic, not yours.