Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We're Back

We have just been 1500 miles through some of the greatest scenery in the country. Much of it was no less than breath-taking, with much of it being very hot and humid.

Majestic pine forests and mountains are always sights that are pleasing to the eye, and a source of awe when you consider how long they have been in existence. The air was fresh, the water was clean, and the people were the most hospitable we could ever find in the world.

Naturally, we are tired and have some things to catch back up on here at home. But I do hope to get some kind of post together soon. And for those who have been asking, my mother is in rehab and doing better. So thanks to all for the prayers and the well-wishes sent our way, they have been comforting.


Z said...

Well, you said at my place Matthews' tingle was gone but I was glad to see YOU are BACK! :-)
SO happy you had a good time....
All the best for your mother's rehab.

LASunsett said...

Thank you Z. We did have a good time. My mom is doing better, says she wants to get out of rehab in 3 weeks. We'll see, but it does show her spirit is back.

Anonymous said...

I notice that Chuck and you went on vacation at about the same time. You're back... Chuck is still gone. So I guess Chuck (a) has more money, or (b) works at a better hospital.

Your friend,

Eric Cartman