Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weakness As An Influence

More news from the AP:

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Defying a warning from Washington, Pakistan’s prime minister promised yesterday to go ahead with a plan to import natural gas from Iran even if the United States levies additional sanctions against the Mideast country.

What could have ever led people to think that President Barack Hussein Obama was the one person who could repair America's image abroad and gain valuable influence in Muslim countries? I ask this because time after time, case after case, incident after incident, the Muslim world (to include those who say they are allies) are thumbing their noses at the weakest U.S. President in the 234 year history of the American nation.

It's called walking softly without a stick. Soon it will be known as crawling on hands and knees, too weak to walk.

America historically has a short memory. But this time around, let us all Remember In November.


Greg said...

Remember how the last guy dealt with Paki: "Cooperate with us, or we will bomb you into the dark ages." Seemed to work pretty well....

LASunsett said...

But Greg, how are you gonna get someone to like us? Threatening to bomb them into feudal era (which I think they are already in) won't win us any friends. It will hurt our self-esteem.


Greg said...

Ah, yes, our standing in the word. Oh, wait, no one respects us as sissies?