Thursday, June 03, 2010

Staying With A Battle

When it looks like you are losing and you manage to find enough strength and endurance to claw your way back into the game, this is then when you can ride the wave that is known as momentum. But it doesn't mean you can quit and coast.

Over at Mustang's site is a video that some may have seen. Whether you have or not, it's still a good view.

Just know that we can and will make a difference, we already have.

With five months to go before the general election, a new poll finds that Republicans have opened their widest lead yet when it comes to which party voters prefer this fall. Gallup's generic congressional ballot finds that the number of voters who say they will vote GOP has jumped to 49 percent, compared with 43 percent for Democrats. That's not only the biggest lead Gallup has recorded for the GOP this election cycle, it's the largest lead Republicans have ever had in the poll, which Gallup has run since 1950.

I know I have some skeptics who read PYY, and I love them to death. But I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, I hate to say I told you all so.

The widest lead ever means that this could turn out to be a huge rout in the fall. The GOP has polled less and yet, somehow, they have managed to gain and hold power before.

No letting up. If you haven't gotten involved in the process, do it now.

We must keep fighting the fight to regain some sense of reason in our government. Think landslide, think positive, think in terms of "can" and "do". If we do this, we "will".

The people's will, not theirs.

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