Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kos Polls Skewed?

Say it isn't so.

In fact, please tell us all they weren't outright fraudulent like the very brief article here says. It links to The Daily Kos, which I have never done because of the vile nature of the posters and commenters--not because I disagree with them.

I wonder what their first clue was. Was it when every reputable poll would show the Democrat and the Republican neck and neck, and the Kos Poll would show the Dem ahead by 16 points? Was it when Obama's approval ratings were steadily trending downward and the Kos Poll would show them holding strong?


It appears that Kos is doing the only thing HE can do, he blames it all on the polling firm they hired. Apparently it turns out that Research 2000 is a two-bit organization that is running out of a Kinkos "rent-an-office". But I have long contended that the name should have given that outfit away, from the jump. 2000 is the year that every progressive can think of when they want to weep and gnash their teeth. When I put the name with the results of their work, it wasn't hard to discern who was behind this farce.

Most reputable poll aggregates (like RCP) have by now removed the Kos polls from their reporting, as the results will now endanger their analyses and reputations. But all the while, the Kos credibility has been further damaged beyond repair and I suspect that no amount of damage control will be able to salvage whatever minute amount of perceived and dreamed reputation they ever had.

Every dog has his day and the truth eventually prevails.


Chuck said...

The poll was giving Kos what he wanted so he didn't look too close. As far as RCP and the rest, I always thought including Kos was a joke.

Greg said...

Recall that when Hussein Obama wanted to quell the controversy over his citizenship, he decided to release a copy of his birth certificate via the Daily Kos of all places. So. Weird.

Mustang said...

Chuck: Don't underestimate KOS, or George Soros, or John Podesta, or the literally hundreds of devoted communists that are working for the White House behind the scenes. What an amazing phenomenon; who could have imagined such a thing could happen here in America?

Greg: The KOS birth certificate was a fraud and to my knowledge, the Øbama Administration never addressed that other birth certificate showing that Barack Hussein II (as his Christian name (LOL)) was born in Kenya. It took HuffPo one day to deny its relevance, but I haven’t heard any more out of the courts about this topic.

LA: Just when I was beginning to trust polls again, you come up with this.

Actually, I too have wondered how in the world Øbama can go from -21 in the Rasmussen Poll to -9 in just a few days. It makes me wonder about the validity of Rasmussen data. Even more important, however, is that I keep wondering how it is possible for Obama to maintain a 40% strongly approve ratio among registered Democrats. I mean, are they THAT stupid? We should find out who their teachers were and have them all shot.

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

I gave up on polls a long time ago. I think most of them are skewed in one direction or the other.

I can't even look at the DKos, I always thought their comment section was filled with remarks by mouth-breathing morons. And that was when I was still a Democrat!

LASunsett said...

Chuck, I think RCP wanted to be fair (unlike Kos and the vast majority of progressive sites that given over to nastiness and generalized hackery).

LASunsett said...

Well Greg, I guess he thought he could do it without facing much scrutiny. If Matthews had a tingle up and down his leg, the Kos Kids must have been damned near orgasmic.

LASunsett said...


As far as polls go, I would trust Rasmussen above the others. They survey likely voters, while others survey registered voters and all people regardless of whether they are registered or intend to vote at all.

Kos, well, you know they survey kids who live in their parents' basements. In fact, there's probably a program in the game that let's them save money on the next game they buy, if they take the Kos Polls.

LASunsett said...

Mary Ellen,

I take them all with a grain of salt. I always say that polls are just polls. They count for nothing unless they are the ones taken at the ballot box.

Still, it is utterly amazing how far BHO has dropped after the immediate post-election buzz wore off and the hangover started setting in.

LASunsett said...


The Kos polls are not meant for you or the rest of us. They are for the stoned slackers that cannot put too many sentences together that do not start with, "wow man" or "dude".