Monday, June 28, 2010

Remember November

Let the cleansing begin in 2010.

Remember the Dream. Remember November. from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

We can do it, but we must act with meaning and purpose. And we must remain united, we must not throw away our votes on third party candidates just because we think the GOP candidate isn't conservative enough.... or who we wanted in the primary.

If we take our vote and go home, we get two more years of tearing down the foundations and principles that made America so great. We get two more years of out of control spending and incompetence in all matters that deserve leadership and guidance. We cannot afford it or our nation will die out.


Chuck said...

I tend to agree LA. This was the argument in the 2008 election. McCain wasn't our first choice but a "protest" vote against him got us Obama. I believe if all of the conservatives would have voted for McCain and not stayed at home, he may have won. This would not have been a perfect scenario but it would have been a damn site better than what we got.

The obvious problem with this is that if we continue voting for RINO's they will keep running but that problem is not solved by electing a socialist instead.

Anonymous said...

We have discussed incumbency so often and you have taken the optimist road. I, on the other hand, have been demeaned for being a pessimist. That’s okay. I’ve gotten professional help and may be on the cusp of cure. Wish me luck. That said, 95% of incumbents have been re-nominated to their respective state primaries. Now to me, pessimist or not, it doesn’t appear that the American people are en masse fed up with their representatives in Congress. And what this really means is that conservatives might not take back a leadership position in the house and senate. Ergo, I remain pessimistic; I have far less confidence in the American people than you do.

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

I'm voting for whoever I think is qualified and willing to be a voice for the people. I'm tired of voting for Party. If a third party has the most qualified candidate, they get my vote. I'm very anxious to vote for the Governor position in the next election, and I will be voting Republican in that one. Anyone is better than Quinn.

I partially agree with Chuck that those Republicans who didn't think McCain was good enough are the ones who brought us Obama. But on their own, they could not have won that election for Obama. It was the 98% black community and the corruption within the Democratic Party Primary election that brought us Obama.

Now, the Republicans and Independents are leaving Obama in droves..but 95% of the black community still support Obama..and we're the racists. Go figure.

LASunsett said...


RINOS will run, true. But what's to say conservatives and sensible libertarians cannot keep challenging them in upcoming primaries?

LASunsett said...


The nomination is not always the winner. There are usually two major parties and thus two nominees.

Remember, the goal is to stop the bleeding this time.

LASunsett said...

//Now, the Republicans and Independents are leaving Obama in droves..but 95% of the black community still support Obama..and we're the racists. Go figure.////

I agree, I think it speaks volumes. But we will see come 2012. It could be that there will be some who will begin to see that they are no better off than they were in 2008.

The real question this year will be whether blacks will bother to vote without Obama on the ticket. the hardcore union vote will get loud and strong. But the rank and file may not care much about Barney Frank and the others.

Chuck said...

LA, I agree - just playing devil's advocate. I think the answer here is that it is not an issue that will be "fixed" in one election. It took years to let them take the party from conservatives, it will take years to get it back.

Greg said...

Well, I can tell you that in my state, there is a lot of energy behind the opposition. We have republicans running for almost every seat (kicking myself for not registering R in time to run against Martha Coakley for AG - she's unopposed!!!). We have a Democrat running as an independent for governor. In my state, at least, incumbents appear to be in big trouble. I'm fairly optimistic that November will be a blood-bath for incumbents.

LASunsett said...

No problem Chuck. But just so you know, playing devil's advocate will get you called sarcastic by Mustang.

(Just a little hint from your pal here.)

LASunsett said...

Greg, I wished you had made the filing. How neat would it be to have a commenter at PYY rise to such a level?

On the other hand, it might have brought more scrutiny to this blog and you would have had to stop coming here for fear that your enemies (to include Martha baby, herself) would use your curt and tart sarcasm against you. Not only that, her goons would locate me and beat me up like the bozo they roughed up in Washington, when she was running for Senate.

In Indiana, we have a right to carry with a license and I would have been forced to shoot them all and it would have cost me thousands of dollars in legal fees, at a time when I need to keep looking toward retirement.

So, I guess it's just as well. Maybe next time.

Greg said...

LAS: hahahahaha. you funny.