Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday, Monday

Monday is almost always filled with negative emotions, when you work. For me this is the first Monday back from vacation.

If you haven't had time to find a Monday outrage subject just yet, you may want to take a trip over to Mustang's place and read his post about Bob and Sally.


Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

Hey! I LOVE the new look!

We just got back from a vacation ourselves and I'm sure my husband can relate to your negative emotion today. I imagine he'll come home crabby and wanting dinner...but I'm also recovering from vacation so he gets left-overs from yesterday.

LASunsett said...

Thanks ME. I just had to do something different with the blog after five years of the same old thing.

The bad thing about vacations is they have to end. We went to NC, where did you go?

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

LA- We went to Michigan...a little town called Glen Arbor (way north). We have a good friend who owns two cottages right on the waterfront of Glen Lake (beautiful clear lake!) We've been going there for over 20 years, lots of good memories and the dog loves it, too. :-)

But hey, what's with this weather in the Chicago area? I'm so sick of this rain!