Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Obama Calls For Troop Reductions

From the AP comes this report on Barack Obama's call for troop reductions.

CHICAGO (AP) - Sen. Barack Obama on Tuesday called for a troop reduction in Iraq and criticized the Bush administration for questioning the patriotism of people who have spoken out against the war.

I know it is imperative for the Democrats to win an election. They haven't won a lot of them lately. But what can you honestly expect? They haven't any ideas.

But beyond that, can anyone tell me why they feel it is so imperative to broadcast intentions that have no business being broadcast? Furthermore, why is it so hard for them to absorb the concept that "setting a timetable in public is not good strategy"?


G_in_AL said...

Obamba needs to remember just how new the scene he is. This seems a bit premature for someone that has been in national politics for about a year. Next, the 18 year old mayor in Michigan will tell us how to defeat terrorism.

LA Sunset said...

I heard the president of the Dry Gulch High School student council set forth a plan for withdrawal.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

Obama knows he is a media darling and tries here and there to advance his career closer to his long term goal - the White House. I think he better run in '08 or by the next election he will have shown himself too much for what he is.

LA Sunset said...

No doubt, he is the "golden boy", the up and coming star. The liberal in "centrist" clothing.