Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What Every Democrat Will Want Us To Know

From the AP comes this story.

Yes, the Dems won the governor's races in both New Jersey and Virginia. They also will want you to know that they beat back the Governator's ballot initiatives in California. But what can we read into this?

Here's what the Dems are saying:

Democrats said the results were the first steps toward bigger victories next year - when control of Congress and 36 governors seats are at stake - and for the 2008 presidential race.

"I believe national Republican politics ... really had an effect in Virginia and California," said Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean. Voters "don't like the abuse of power, they don't like the culture of corruption. They want the nation to go in a different way."

But is that a swing in trend? Note the GOP response:

Republicans warned against reading too much into two governorships that started the day in Democratic hands and ended that way. Virginia Gov. Mark Warner was barred by law from seeking a second term, and New Jersey acting Gov. Richard J. Codey opted not to run.

"It's not some type of trend," said GOP Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas, noting that both seats were won by Democrats in 2001 when Bush's popularity was high. Still, he acknowledged the defeats - and said they could help rally the GOP base next year. "I don't think anybody will be complacent now."

The one trend we can all agree on is this:

Both governors' races were marked by record-breaking spending and vicious personal attacks.

Both sides are guilty of the personal attacks, both spend enormous amounts of money. But I caution the Dems against reading too much into this. This may or may not be indicative of the mid-terms in 2006.

But one thing can be accurately predicted from all of this. Both sides will be sharing their spin, the rest of the week and on all slow news days, for the next month.

Update - Here is another site that has a take on the elections:

All I Can Stand (whom I will refer to as Popeye from now on, because I don't want to type it out everytime I refer to him) at The Logic Lifeline gives his and some links here and here. Visit the links and check his site out, I am going to blogroll him, when I get time.

Update II - For extensive coverage of the results and analysis go to Q and O Online Magazine.


G_in_AL said...

I posted on this too LA.

I think that we cannot ignore that there is probably some sign here that Republican public image has suffered. But I think that the Dems have reached their peak on the "Bash Bush" trail a little too soon.

Esther said...

Both governors' races were marked by record-breaking spending and vicious personal attacks.

So was the ballot inititive Arnold was trying to get passed. What a shame too.