Wednesday, November 02, 2005

New German Coalition Already In Trouble

The AP is reporting that the new German coalition is having a difficult time getting off the ground.

PYY has been following the recent German elections and the aftermath closely. And this is the latest development in the sad saga of what is now known as, German politics.

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Like I have said in the past, this coalition is doomed. This is starting to take a similar path that the Weimar Republic took. Confusion is starting to prevail. Nitpicking, arguing, you name the subject, there's always something. Meanwhile, a nation sits in limbo, and waits.

PYY will continue to follow this story right up to the next set of early elections, which will have to occur if this mess goes over the edge, and further into chaos.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Coalition governments are great . . . until the coalition falls apart. Multiparty systems tend to be less efficient and more expensive because of the constant need for reelections. We should think about that here whenever we hear a clamor for a strong third party candidate in national elections. Do the math, and then ask yourself . . . do we want a president who garnered votes from LESS than a 30% of the eligible voters?

LA Sunset said...

It's a double edged sword, Mustang. In one way, I feel it needs to happen to shake things up, a bit. Let the pols know that they work for us, not the special interests.

But as we were able to see in Minnesota recently, both Dems and GOPs will gang up on the Independent office holder and bascially render him/her ineffective.