Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Acorn Never Falls Too Far From The Tree

If you want to see what depravity begets, look no further than this Indianapolis Star article.

Like other mothers in her Eastside neighborhood, Nancy Swallow warned her young son, Christopher, about getting near the Reese home.

To protect him, she tried to scare him: If he went in, she told him, he might not come out.

That was more than two decades ago, years before Brian Reese stood accused of shooting a police officer and killing three other people within a five-day span this summer. His father, Paul Sr., faces charges in one of those killings, and his mother, Barbara, is accused of helping Brian flee police in her van the night of the officer's shooting.

As you may recall from an earlier post, Brian Reese is the same scumbag that shot Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer Jason Fishburn in the head, in July. Here is the Reese family tree's list of civic accomplishments:

Five of the six Reese children -- Paul Jr., 38; John, 37; Brian, 36; Jeremy, 35; and Jenny, 34 -- have been convicted a combined 39 times and have been sentenced to a total of 65 years in prison.

Paul Sr., 66, has nine convictions, for which he has been sentenced to 45 years.

I am not trying to turn this into a theological discussion here, but there is a passage in one of the Gospels that clearly states the kind of seed that is sown is the kind that will grow. If you plant corn, it grows corn. If you plant wheat, you grow wheat. If you plant weeds and thistle, you get weeds and thistle.

Having knowledge of that scripture and this particular criminal case, it easy to see this is as evidence of an immutable truth. Better yet, let's just say: The family that commits crimes together, competes for a bunk in the prison system.

(Note-To see the family album of mugshots click on the article and scroll down to the comments section. The officer who was shot, is home but still undergoing outpatient rehab. He was honored at halftime of the Colts game thia past Sunday and awarded the Police Department's version of the Medal of Honor.)


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Obob said...

this makes a dysfunctional family look cleaver.
I have to think the parents may not have shame. I'm sure they care little our opinion or snooty readers of the star, but their lack or respect for society is evident.
can't say I pity them, they are who they want to be

Greg said...

rocket: The New York Post breathlessly reported that the couple went jogging yesterday in Midtown.

'Bruni turned heads in a skintight sports top that bared her washboard belly as the seemingly winded president struggled to keep up in an oversized soccer jersey that covered a pair of way-too-short shorts,' the newspaper said.

Hehehe. Sarko is one lucky SOB.

Also, can anyone think of another first lady in the world whose naked body is all over the internet?

And slightly related: NBC this morning did a piece comparing Bruni and Palin. I took it as a blatant attempt to diminish Palin: Bruni is a model married to a President; Palin is a governor running for VP. Maybe I was being paranoid....