Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Obama's Surrogate Media Smear Merchants

Yesterday was the first complete business day since John McCain shocked the political world, by announcing his pick for running mate. And as you may have surmised by now, the liberal elitist media had a field day.

It had to be expected.

Anytime the media gets stumped and surprised, they feel left out of the mix. They are so used to driving the train without interference, without oversight, and reasonable standards of integrity, -- they are almost literally besides themselves, they are full of anger, bitterness, and (in some cases) internal private rage.

He can't do this, he's lost his mind, she has no experience. Who does he think he is picking an anti-establishment candidate that has very little national exposure, so that we may find it easier to dig up evil deeds to parade around the public square with happiness and glee?

For the moment, these things must be difficult to process. They had their strategies planned for Romney, Ridge, and even Lieberman (should he be the dark horse pick). Think of all of the advance work that was already done and then picture it flying right out the window, because that's exactly what happened last Friday. They had the tapes cued up and ready to air, on-command and now, they have been rendered useless.

Think of all the money spent for the hit jobs that would be dominating the news right now, had he picked one of the expected. But in this case, it's the incredible loss of time that throws them so far off balance and they cannot stand it.

What we are getting, in the meantime, is a soap opera campaign. We are getting a dumbed down Jerry Springer version of a campaign, because the Obama campaign and the Democrats are so incredibly desperate and so livid, they will do anything they can to debase and degrade Sarah Palin and her family, for a story. But they don't have to lift a voice, because the media does it for them.

Comparisons with Dan Quayle and Thomas Eagleton came out almost instantly. Then came Troopergate, the baby rumors, and the confirmation of a daughter's pregnancy. If that wasn't enough, they brought their favorite boogey-man Pat Buchanan into the fray. They also dug up a two-decade old DUI incident involving Palin's husband and a little video of her speaking to the Alaska Independence Party. (Palin has always been registered as a Republican and basically only welcomed them to her hometown.)

But hey, when you are desperate, it will always show.

Now, I expect the big boys to be irritated. Like I said, a lot effort went into pre-research for pre-ordained smears. And looking like a fool while wanting to look important, didn't make them any happier, either. But it's one thing to expect this from the National Barack Channel, it's quite another when a local show has to get on the act.

Meet Abdul Hakim Shabazz the morning drive host of Indianapolis WXNT talk-radio. (His blog is Indiana Barrister and can be found on the PYY blogroll.) Yesterday morning, he just had to spend my entire drive to work (when I want to hear intelligent talk on important issues), talking about Bristol Palin's pregnancy. By his own admission, the fuss that had already been stirred made his job easier. So, instead of steering the conversation back to the real issues, he willingly participated in trashy journalism to take the lazy way out.

Normally, I think Abdul has a good show and many times he makes a lot of sense. On individual issues he has brought much information, with crystal clarity, to the Indy air-waves for several years now. Usually, he works hard to cover the stories that affect the lives of Indy residents. He gets it on many things like taxes and the free market system. But not this time.

He is having a difficult time hiding his objectivity. His deep affection for Obama is really beginning to show, no matter hard hard he tries to cover it in a cloak of fairness. I can understand his pride that Obama has finally done what no other black man has ever done. From that standpoint, I am proud with him. I am truly glad that the barrier has been broken. But I will not support Obama because of his stances on the issues, his lack of experience, and his questionable ties to some pretty shady Chicago politicians over the years. I will not over look those issues, and give them a pass because he is black.

I am not sure Fellow Chicagoan Abdul can say the same. He may not have a problem with the shady ties, it's the norm in the Windy City. He may not care much about the experience factor either. But I would think that after hearing what few plans Obama has discussed with the American people, he would reject Obama on his big government approach to almost every problem we have. He preaches daily on the need for less government, but almost never ties those ideologies to Obama, except when backed into a corner.

My suggestion for Abdul is to stick to the local issues that have made his show so good, and leave the rest to the MSM, who is blatantly pro-Obama. At least we expect them to trash anyone that gets in the Obamessiah's way.

But most importantly, when it finally gets past the Palin's pregnant daughter debates, the real issues that count are how McCain-Palin will govern the nation, versus Obama-Biden. What really matters is not Todd Palin's poor judgment 2o years ago, but how the two campaigns view the world and what solutions they would implement, to make it safer and more secure. It's not the BS that has been scurrilously advanced over that last three days that voters want to talk about, it's how the next President plans to facilitate the rejuvenation of a sputtering economy. That's what independents that will be the deciding factor in this election want to hear.

Basically said, when it come down to the real nitty-gritty, the Dems and Obama don't have anything else but trashy scripts and tactics to use. But as long as they have the media to do the bidding for them, it makes their jobs so much easier.


Mustang said...

Smear operatives are busy as hell, while the principle says he won't put up with it. It is not so clever subterfuge. Is it typical of Chicago politics? Certainly ... but worse, it has become the hallmark of the DNC.

Ask Michael Steele what the DNC and surrogates of Chuck Schumer did to him.

LASunsett said...

//Ask Michael Steele what the DNC and surrogates of Chuck Schumer did to him.//

Michael just wasn't black enough for them.