Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Good News For Dante Love

Ball State's wide receiver Dante Love has emerged one lucky young man after that "heart in your throat" moment - a helmet to helmet hit that likely ended his career - on Saturday night. From the Indy Star comes the story.

School officials said Love is expected to live a normal, healthy life after breaking his spine and sustaining a spinal cord injury during Saturday's victory over Indiana, although he'll likely have to give up the sport that turned him into an NFL prospect.

Here is the play and the BSU players' reactions after the game:

If you want to see just how talented and fast this kid was, take a look at this play:

I have no doubt this kid would have been an excellent NFL player.

Love is a senior, so his scholarship will pay for his degree. My hope is that he takes advantage of it, stays involved with the game, and coaches someday. He won't get rich, but he will make a living. In one way it's a sad thing, when you look at it from football eyes. But when you take a look at it from life's eyes, he will not need a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

There are a whole lot of things more important than sports, and this is one of them.


Greg said...

Here's hoping he wasn't like most big-time student atheletes who major in sociology and are basically fake students. I hope he has some skill to fall back on.

LASunsett said...

I have looked everywhere, I cannot find out what his major is. From what I have heard, he knows his football. Maybe he can coach someday.