Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday AM QB

The good news for Colts fans this weekend is they did not lose, because they did not play. Next week they are slated to be in Houston. For those that want to get Greg riled up, too bad. The Pats were off too.They are at SF next.

Tampa Bay 30 - Green Bay 21

I was able to see most of the battle of the Bays. For as good as the Bucs' defense played, Brian Griese tried like hell to give it away on offense. The TB defense played very well against the run and gave Aaron Rodgers fits, sacking him three times and putting pressure on his throws countless other times.

Normally, when a team has a QB with a rating of 36.0 for a game, the team loses. But thanks to the running game, the Bucs were able to grind out enough offense to overcome Griese's inept play. If I were a TB fan, I'd be calling for his head.

The neat thing about this game was the play of the TB kicker, Matt Bryant. His infant son was tragically found dead earlier this week and still, he came back and kicked three FGs. I am sure Gruden and the entire Bucs management would have understood if he had taken the weekend off to grieve, but he didn't. Sometimes work can help heal some pain, but it takes a lot of guts to come back so soon after such a huge loss like this.

Next Week: TB travels to Denver, GB gets to recover against Atlanta.

Kansas City 33 - Denver 19

Not being a Broncos fan, I like seeing that Denver has been humbled a bit by the Chiefs (who could be the worst team next to Cincinnati, and maybe Atlanta). Not that I am a Chiefs fan either, but it keeps some verbose Broncos fans I know from spouting off too much through the coming week. Actually, Denver is lucky to be 3-1. For as much as I share some major disdain for SD, they should have won their game against the Broncos in Week 2.

Next Week: KC travels to Carolina

Tennessee 30 - Minnesota 17

Meanwhile, the Titans keep rolling over easy teams. So far, Jacksonville is the only quality team they have beaten, and to tell the truth, I wonder how good they are. The Jags had their trouble with Houston.

I think the reason they have played well so far, besides their physical defense, is the play of QB Kerry Collins. He is a cagey veteran that makes smart plays, when they need them. He isn't flashy, like Manning (when he is on top of his game). But he gets the job done and I have to respect that kind of work ethic.

Next Week: TN has a big test next week at Baltimore (this will tell me if they are a force to be reckoned with, or not). Minnesota travels to New Orleans.

Washington 26 - Dallas 24

The best game of the day, I was able to see most of it. Washington gave a gutsy performance and it's apparent, they are for real. The difference was Washington's running game and Dallas's lack thereof. Clinton Portis really took it to the Dallas defense. If there was any criticism for Washington, it would be penalties; they had two TDs called back because of them.

The NFC East is easily the toughest division out there and it'll be interesting to see who comes out of it. It will be a competitive division, but I still think the Giants are still the team to beat, there.

Next Week: Washington is at Philly, Dallas gets to host Cincinnati.


Rocket said...

Washington 26 - Dallas 24

Yes. It's the triumph of good over evil.

Boy! Did Campbell look seasoned in the pocket or what!

Greg said...

The only good result yesterday was the Redskins winning. Maybe they are good.

I watched the Jets and couldn't believe the lack of defense by both teams. Arizona can't possibly be as good as the hype if they let the Jets hang 52 on them.

I also watched the KC game. KC is my new favorite bad guy. I was rooting for them to go winless this year. Still, it's never bad to see Denver lose. Remember when Denver had a good defense?

Mark my words: I am not watching the Patriots game next week!