Friday, September 05, 2008

Recommended Reading

There's no better writer on the internet, when Mustang gets something in his crawl space. And his latest is no exception and certainly leaves no doubt as to how he feels. Here is one short (but very pointed) observation he makes:

The concept of socialism/Marxism is so depressing to the human spirit that one wonders how any well-educated, bright individual could embrace such ideas.

I left a comment on his post, and I think part of it bears repeating here:

Not only did Marxism fail on a macro level, but on a micro level too.

When we think of the failure of communism and socialism as a viable economic system, most of the time the tendency is to think of the USSR, People's Republic of China, Cuba, NK, etc. But if one wants to do a thorough examination of this failed theory, one can also look at the settlements of Harmonie and New Harmony, led by George Rapp and Robert Owen, respectively.

Pure socialism, by nature, breeds laziness and a higher rate of depression because of its theoretical foundation. Depression feeds off of the laziness, and laziness feeds off of the depression. It's actually quite a vicious circle that eventually spirals the human spirit downward.

Whether in New Harmony or Moscow during the Soviet days, socialism was the problem, not the solution. It was the cause, not the effect.

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