Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another Blast From The Past

This weekend is a good time to feature some various sundry songs that always bring back some great memories as a young boy and a teen.

I used to listen to this first one on KFXM 59 and KMEN 129 on the AM dial in San Bernardino, on an old stereo console we had in the family room, which was an off-shoot of the living room. From 1968, here are the Foundations and their 1968 smash hit Build Me Up Buttercup:

With a brass-driven melody and the gravitas behind it, I thought this was Blood, Sweat and Tears when I first heard this next one. It came out just about the time FM was beginning to take hold in the radio industry. Songs were recycled in a regular rotation, but the sound quality was so much better. This is one most will certainly remember, they are a bit older in this clip, but they sound every bit as forceful as they were in 1970. The band was known as the Ides Of March, the song was simply named Vehicle:

Neil Diamondesque is the best way to describe this next song. If ever there was a doubt of how much Neil influenced the modern music scene in the 60s and 70s, one only need to hear this one. This guy even looks a little like Neil. Here is Andy Kim and his 1974 #1 hit, Rock Me Gently:

This is one my parents both liked and listened to a lot, and just by happenstance I liked it too. This may not bring much of a walk down memory lane for the younger readers, but I wouldn't be at all be surprised if Mustang becomes reminiscent (and maybe a little sentimental) listening to it. This one is by Roger Miller and it's called King Of The Road:

And if that song doesn't get him all choked and teared up, here's another one my parents liked that surely will. For those my age and older, you know this one. But to those that don't, allow me to introduce you to the Jimmy Rodgers classic, Kisses Sweeter Than Wine:


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Anonymous said...

I only get choked up over such songs as "A hundred bottles of beer on the wall," "ROll her over in the clover," and "There'll be no promotion this side of the ocean ..."

Nice try, though.