Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Ultimate Solution To Congressional Corruption

Not much time to pen my thoughts right now. Work, lawn care, and other things seem to get into the way of blogging sometimes, and this is one of them.

I wonder how many people have seriously thought about the utter incompetence and overt corruption that exists in the US Congress. Much of our attention has been focused on the Presidential race, how can it not when so much is at stake?

When we have career politicians that take money from almost anyone to keep getting re-elected, no term limits, and lucrative pensions and perks, just what does it say to us when we get no return on our investments? The Democratically controlled Congress has done absolutely nothing in the time they have wielded the gavels, which is not much different from when the GOP did it. Yet, what would you bet that Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Rangel, and the merry host of others get re-elected and reappointed to their positions? How much would you wager, William Jefferson gets back in?

I hear the cry for term limits and it's one that could be looked at a bit. But how many really think Congress will vote in a limit on their own careers, when the perks are so lucrative? When we think about it, we already have term limits. If the people would only exercise their rights to vote the bums out.

The only litmus test the American people need when casting their votes for Congressional candidates this fall is, whether a candidate is an incumbent or not. I don't care who it is, what they have done in the past (good or bad), or what party they belong to. All of the incumbents need to be voted out, so as to send a message to all those (gag) public servants (present and future) will get the message who they work for.


Anonymous said...

If, as a nation, we were resolved to rid ourselves of politicians (for no other reason than they are dishonest, incompetent, and self-serving), we would do away with Congress altogether and install a super computer in its place with two PhD computer operators. Logic in, logic out. Garbage in, computer operator is executed. End of problem.

Before you ask, I'm aware how much a Cray computer cost, but it's peanuts next to what we are spending for 535 crooked politicians X 219 years. Plus, with a computer, our nation would at least develop some sense of respect for what it can actually accomplish. You can't say that about congress.

Rocket said...


I was thinking more along the line of Dancing Bears to replace our elected officials.

Anonymous said...

Rocket ... just who will clean up all that bear doody? And how will dancing bears change anything?

Rocket said...


That's just it. Dancing Bears don't take salary.

As for the Bear "doody". Why the ex politicians of course. Hey it's a job!