Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday AM QB

Well, it's that time again. College has been on for two weeks now, but the big boys have begun the 2008 NFL season and what an opening day it was.

The Colts stunk up the regular season opening of the new stadium last night. They were horribly out of sync, rusty, or whatever you want to call it. Manning's inability to prepare was a huge factor. But another factor that may get overlooked in discussions today is, the loss of center Jeff Saturday in the preseason. Jeff is a seasoned snapper and excellent blocker, those two things made for a rough game for Manning in the pocket. But with all of this said, I would rather they get their losses than attempt another one of those undefeated seasons. It's better to peak late than early.

The big story was supposed to be Favre's return with a new team. But the big story of the day turns out to be Brady's status with a knee injury. No matter what, no good fan of the game wants to see this, even those that root against the Pats. Brady is a competitor and one of the best to ever play the game. As a Colts fan, I want them to beat NE's best players. I was looking forward to the NE game, this year. The football world should be saddened if it turns out Brady will not play again this season. No joy here.

What about the old man? Looked good in the beginning of the game, but the Fish were able to keep him out of the end zone in the 4th quarter, when he is accustomed to having his way. His receivers still looked like they didn't have the rhythm with him, just yet. Still, he did just enough offensively to get the win, and the Jets defense did their part by coming up big in stopping that last minute march by Miami with 5 seconds left.

Anytime in which I can say, "if the playoffs were held today San Diego would not be in them", I'm happy. What a helluva play Delhomme made in the last seconds of that one, to take the wind out of an arrogant Philip Rivers led team. But one has to wonder why the Panthers did such a lousy job managing the clock in the last minute. Didn't matter in the end, but if they would have come up short, the Panther fans would be livid.

Dallas looked like it picked up where it left off, before being knocked out by GB last season in the playoffs. But, the Giants will prove to be a difficult foe for them again this year. Washington may have lost their opener to them last Thursday night, but I would not count them out for a decent season, just yet. It's going to be one of the most competitive divisions in the league.

Jacksonville, the third best team in the AFC last year, could not get past division rival Tennessee. I expect the Titans to be much improved this year, this victory shows it.

Tonight, I will be hoping Minnesota beats the Packers for the way they treated Favre. They may be surprised to learn that Aaron Rodgers will not be the QB of the future for them.

And as you may guess, I will be hoping the Raiders beat the Broncos. With SD and KC dropping their games today, the Raiders could find themselves in first place in the AFC West with a good performance.


Greg said...

This nobody - what's his name? Is it Marcus Pollard? He's a dirtbag. The second worst part of yesterday is that Brody Croyle only has a separated shoulder. If I had been Richard Seymour, I hit the knee - hard - instead of driving him into the turf.

America shows its true colors again. Jets fans, Bills fans, Dolphins fans, Colts fans, Chargers fans - all the fans of the teams who hope to just stand in the Patriots' shadow - they all have smiles on their faces today. Just like last year when they and their friends in the Patriot-hating media spread LIES about the Patriots. Did any journalist ever apologize for lying? Specter? Marshall Faulk? Here - check out what fans of other teams are writing on


"Ding dong the 9 point dynasty is dead. belicheat had better get a new cameraman."

"your ride has ended beantown.
that sound you hear is the window being closed. there will be many salty beers tonite,
goodnight billy"

"I'm from N.Y. and I admit I'm a huge Jet fans. But it's tough to see one of the best players in the NFL gone for the season. Then again, maybe this is Karma biting you in the ass for cheating in every conceivable way over the past eight years. Or maybe its for Tom Brady getting a chick pregnant and then dumping her. Maybe this is actually the most wonderful thing that has happened in a long long time!!!!! Whoppeeeeeee Bye Bye season!!!!!"

Those are just 3 from the first 15 or so comments. Keep reading!

Deion Sanders was literally laughing on NFL Network yesterday. That's the NFL's official network. The sports reporters are just giddy.

And there is now just indisputable proof that the NFL is tired of the amazing Patriots throwing a wrench into its goal of parity. First, they viciously attack the Patriots, leveling a ridiculous penalty against them (the most severe ever), while not punishing the Jets at all for doing the exact same thing. Then the NFL dogs the Patriots all season, leaving open the possibility of more punishment. Then it aids and abets the discpicable media in the week preceding the Superbowl, chanting the "Cheatriots" mantra. Then it has its officials call a ridiculous game, including allowing Giants defenders to hit Brady in the helmet, hold repeatedly without penalty, and facemask defenders trying to get to the Worst QB Ever to Win a S-B. Then the officials inexplicably and repeatedly stop the clock during the Giants' crucial drive - against the most basic rules of time-keeping - allowing them the time they need to score the winning points.

Skip to yesterday, when the Patriots dust themselves off and all of their fans try to exorcise the disappointment and bitterness of last year. Nothing has changed. A no-name dirtbag lunges right for the Greatest QB Ever's knee, taking him out for the year. The corrupt officials look the other way. Their corrupt friends in the media immediately jump to the dirtbag's defense.

Contrast this with a hit last year by Patriot Vince Wilfork on JP Losman. It was flagged on the field, fined by the NFL, and the media unanimously declared Wilfork a "dirty player." In that play, Wilfork was tripped and fell into Losman's knee. So, what happened yesterday?

Oh, that's right - it's the evil Patriots who do too much winning. So fuck them, right?

The NFL is complete bullshit.

P.S. - Marcus Pollard is a dirtbag.

Greg said...

Can't believe I forgot to add: The corrupt NFL officials gave the Chiefs five downs to try to tie the game. Five downs. Did you see it? The rules change when the Patriots play. Instead of just screwing the Patriots, maybe they should be above-board with it and simply give the rest of the league a handicap with they play New England.

P.S. - Marcus Pollard is a dirtbag

Greg said...

You stay classy New York!

Try as I might, I couldn't find one single Colts fan celebrating, so I must tip my cap to them. To New York, I send my undying hate.

P.S. His name is Bernard Pollard. Not Marcus.

PPS. Bernard Pollard is a dirtbag.

LASunsett said...

//Try as I might, I couldn't find one single Colts fan celebrating, so I must tip my cap to them. //

At work today, of all the people I spoke to about it, there was only one Colt fan that was happy about it. He is an Obama supporter.

I think most Colt fans have a lot of respect for Brady. They don't like Belichick, but Brady is a competitor worthy of that respect. Not only that, they know how they would feel if Manning went down in the same way.

True fans of the game cannot be pleased in this shocking turn of events. Those that truly love this game want their team to beat the best. Someone once said, "to be the man you have to beat the man". Modify that to, "to be the best you have to beat the best" and you can see what I am getting at.

I will miss seeing him taking the snaps at the new stadium this year. I wanted so bad for the Colts defense to pressure him like the NYG did in the Super Bowl. I wanted him to meet the new carpet often. But I wanted him to be doing it at the top of his game. That's the competitive nature of a football fan, that's the true spirit of an athlete.

One thing I will add to this, a few years ago, I remember a young unknown QB that was thrown into a tough position when the starter was injured. The young unknown QB rose up to the challenge and won a SB. The starter was Bledsoe, the unknown was Tom Brady.

This doesn't happen too often, but maybe Cassel (or whatever his name is) will step up and salvage the season and make the Pats competitive. It's not too much of a stretch, the team has a good supporting cast.

Greg said...

I can tell you're a dad, LAS. Obviously a good one. I still feel like my football season just got flushed down the toilet. I'll watch my team, but with the expectation of losing every game and therefore without any passion. Maybe I'll pick up knitting or something.

P.S. - The Chiefs didn't get 5 downs on the goal line. Belichick explained last night that there was a T.O. that the announcers didn't announce either on TV or at the stadium. So, one of those downs didn't count as a play.

P.P.S. Douchebag Pollard is still a dirtbag.