Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday AM QB

Colts 18 - Vikings 15

Minnesota has to be extremely disappointed in how they let this one slip away. The Colts (1-1) only had 25 yards rushing to the Vikings' (0-2) 180. And when a team can't advance the ball better than that on the ground, it usually loses. The thing that kept the Colts in the game was the Colts' "bend but don't break" defense. Minnesota moved the ball well, but had to settle for field goals. That and the Colts' offense making plays plays down the stretch (when it mattered most) was the only thing that saved them.

For the Colts to meet expectations, they simply must get their groove back on offense. Until then, Indy fans must be pleased with the defensive effort but concerned about the inability to score early. This is why defense wins championships. If the O sputters, the D can keep close for the opportunity to be in the game at the end.

Next week: Jacksonville (0-2) comes to Lucas Oil Stadium. Somewhat depleted by some key injuries, you can bet they will bring their usual chips on their shoulders.

Pats 19 - Jets 10

Cassel is no Tom Brady, but he isn't bad and I expect him to get better. He didn't screw up and the supporting cast came through - most notably the entire defensive squad. Favre just doesn't have the quality of receivers he had at GB, and let's face it, he is a year older. This experiment at New York may not work out long term, if the Jets cannot get the offense to gel properly. Defensively they are not too bad, but to win you have to have some points. Yards will not help.

Next week: Miami (0-2) comes to NE (2-0)

Broncos 39 - Chargers 38

I hate to say this, but SD (0-2) should have won this one. A bad call late in the game (a fumble blown dead too soon) should have given the ball to SD to stop a Denver drive. The Broncos cashed it in on the next play to pull within one. Although I am not the biggest fan of the Broncos either, Mike Shanahan is a class act and decided to roll the dice. He gave SD a chance to win the game outright, by going for two. If SD stops them, the blown call is not an issue. Denver made it, now SD fans will be whining all week.

But they had better put this one behind them, they do have agame next week against the Jets, in NY. And Denver (2-0) had better be grateful for the break and the win, they meet the Saints (1-1) next week.

Redskins 29 - Saints 24
Didn't see this one, but many of the sports hacks are singing the praises of NO, saying they should go to the Super Bowl. This game was important to both teams, but Washington (1-1) came out on top. Next week for the Skins: Arizona (2-0), which looks to be much improved from last year.

Giants 41 - Rams 13

Didn't see this one either, but Eli told me he was tired of Greg saying how lousy of a QB he is. So he decided to engineer a blow out. He also said that Greg would probably scoff at it, because he did it against St. Louis a sub-par team. ;)

Look for the Giants (2-0) to pummel the Bengals (0-2) next week.


Greg said...

Colts-Vikings: Indy plays a bad game and still wins because it has a great QB. The Vikings show that a great defense + amazing RB (the best of the last 30 years??) + lousy QB = not many wins.

Pats-Jets: Yeah, Cassell didn't make any mistakes and it was the 21st straight regular season win, but let's be honest - it was the Jets. The Jets are terrible. I think the Jets downgraded at QB by taking Favre. I'm very thankful for the schedule right now: KC, Jets, Miami, S-F.... The MVP of the game was the kicker, Gostkowski. Boringest Pats game I've seen in a couple of years.

Chargers-Broncos: What the hell is with the refs? That's simply embarrassing. Couldn't have happened to a better team, though. And yes, it was gutsy of Shanahan to go for 2 like that, but consider how bad his defense is. I think it was the logical move. Big props to Cutler, who is blossoming as a QB even as he adjusts to life with diabetes. I'm sure that's not easy.

Redskins-Saints: I'm with you, LAS - I don't get the hype on the Saints. I laughed out loud during the pre-game when everyone praised NO for extending Sean Peyton. Unfortnately, DC doesn't look as good a I had expected. Sorry, Rocket.

Giants-Rams: Eli was right - I'm not impressed. Who's worse - St. Louis or Kansas City? Do they meet this year? Gotta check the schedule....

A.C. McCloud said...

What, no Titans report? I'm outraged!

LASunsett said...

//'m very thankful for the schedule right now: KC, Jets, Miami, S-F.//

Enough time for Cassel to get some work and some confidence. He will need it, the Pats have Denver, SD, Indy, Pitt, and an improved AZ on the schedule. Those games will be the test of the kid's mettle.

//Who's worse - St. Louis or Kansas City? //

Cincinnati. Marvin Lewis may be gone by year's end.

//Big props to Cutler, who is blossoming as a QB even as he adjusts to life with diabetes.//

He played HS right here in Indiana. Heritage Hills HS, lived in Santa Claus, Indiana. I think he spent all four years at Vandy and is now maturing very well. I didn't know he had diabetes.

LASunsett said...

//What, no Titans report? I'm outraged!//

Sorry. Okay.

Titans go down October 27.

(how's that?)