Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Air Sarko Lands In Washington

Probably much to the dismay of some French, Air Sarko l’Américain has landed and plans to "reconquer the heart of America". Just by making a statement like this, he is putting the world on notice that he is the "anti-Chirac", who would never be caught dead saying something like this.

Chirac and those that loved him for standing up to America, the big bully of the world, are surely seething at such a bold gesture being made on the part of the French President. And it has been said that there was a rumbling sound (like a restless sleeper often makes), heard at the site of Charles de Gaulle's tomb, last night.

But this is not only a diplomatic coming out ball for the new French leader. You can bet that things will be discussed along the way. There is a crisis brewing in Iran and I am sure this topic will be brought up in a formal diplomatic setting, once the love and accolades have been exchanged.

It is highly unlikely that any overt military options will be discussed. But you can bet there very well may be some covert and a wide array of political options covered.


Rocket said...


Let's not break out the bubbly just yet. I remember another French President namely Jaques Chirac who went on a love offensive offensive by going on Larry King live in the US a short time after his election in France and speaking English nonetheless.

I didn't catch much of Sarkozy's speech in Congress but I heard him talking about Elvis and Rita Hayworth. Shades of Beat the Devil with Humphrey Bogart when Bogey sits down with an Arab prince to listen to him (the prince) talk about how much he loves Hollywood. What the hell was that about? Sounded like a little boy in the Candy shop.

So let's see how this plays out in the long run and I say to America that they should stop being so concerned what France thinks of them. I don't believe in this 250 year love affair propaganda that we hear in all the American press and we should be treated by them as another ally and they by us likewise.

And what is this "On September 11th we were all Americans" crap.

The French do this instant ephemeral "solidarity" statement each time there is a tragedy somewhere in the world.

I even heard them say on November 4th 2007 they were all Indianapolis Colts fans.


LASunsett said...

Sleepless in Paris,

//I even heard them say on November 4th 2007 they were all Indianapolis Colts fans.//

There's no NFL or baseball on tonight.

Please tell me you are not staying up (aging yourself exponentially) into the wee hours of Paris Standard Time to watch one of the two million NBA games that will be played during the next seven.