Saturday, November 24, 2007

Another Blast From The Past

Many that read PYY know well my love for rock and roll music. I have presented a wide variety of rock music here in this weekly feature, for some time now. But what many may not realize is I also have a profound love of New Age music. I find it very relaxing and soothing.

One of my favorite New Age CDs is about 10 years old and is a compilation of various artists. It is entitled, Pure Moods. I find the entire CD to be very good and it has contributed greatly to many periods where decompression from stress, was the order of the day. With the madness of the holiday upon us, I thought I would share with you a few of my favorites from this release.

Enigma is the name of a musical project that has had some success. They have two cuts on this CD. This particular one made it to #1 in 24 countries. It is called, Sadeness:

Enya has become one of the more recognizable names in this genre. She hails from Ireland, where she is immensely popular. Here is one of her better known hits, Orinico Flow (Sail Away):

If you watched the 80s series Miami Vice, you know Jan Hammer. He did the musical theme for the show. This cut, was one that was played from time to time at the end of the show, when Sonny would be very pensive and reflective about someone he knew, who usually got killed or some other bad thing. It's called, Crockett's Theme:

If you know 80s music, you no doubt remember the musical duo, the Eurhythmics. Annie Lennox provided the vocals and behind the avant garde music that accompanied them, was a man named Dave A. Stewart Here he is in a very good relaxing jazz piece, with Candy Dulfer playing sax. The song is called, Lily Was Here:

Relax and enjoy.


Mustang said...

You are authorized to give Candy Duffer all my credit card numbers.

LASunsett said...

//You are authorized to give Candy Duffer all my credit card numbers.//