Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is the day set aside for giving thanks for the many blessings and fortunes we have. I have always maintained that being thankful is more than just saying "thank you", more than setting aside a day to eat turkey and watch football.

I have always felt that thankfulness is a state of mind. That is to say, it is an attitude that one has, as a manifestation of a value system that promotes sincere appreciation for the things we have. It lives within us.

Today, I can relate the many things that I am thankful for, in my life. The list is long and would sound monotonous, if I posted it. So, I won't. It is a list filled with things both great and small.

But if I am truly thankful, I will pause periodically throughout the year and think about these things I have and will feel the same feeling towards them on Mar 22, as I profess that I do today. And, I do.

And although I said I would not bore you with the generic details of the things I have to be thankful for, I will make one exception: I am truly thankful for all of you that read this blog. Thank you all for visiting, my little corner of the world.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


A.C. McCloud said...

Hope it's cold enough for ya up there. It's finally cold down here. But the bird is getting warmer.. have a happy one, LA.

Always On Watch said...

I have always felt that thankfulness is a state of mind.

And lies in our hearts--my terminology.

Blessed Thanksgiving to you, LA!