Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Morning Quarterback

Indianapolis 13 - Kansas City 10

It wasn't pretty, but a win is a win.

In one sense, it was a courageous performance by a team that is so very depleted by injuries. Colts fans would have some solace in that fact, had they lost. But, they didn't. And in the same sense, there has to be some sense of pride in the way the Indy defense put enough pressure on KC's backup QB and held Priest Holmes to just 55 rushing yards, keeping the game a low scoring affair.

In another sense, one has to see that the injuries have partially sapped some of the life out of the Super Bowl champs, as is evidenced by their mid-season slump. And what about Adam Viniateri? Mr. Automatic has had his own personal demons to exorcise, missing two more field goals. Despite the fact there have been players moved up from the practice squad to fill in for the injured, the Colts must continue to find ways to win, like they did today.

The Colts have a short week coming up. They play Atlanta (in Atlanta) on Thursday night (Thanksgiving). If you happen to watch the game on the NFL network that evening, be sure to wave to Mrs. Sunsett. She will be there at the game, while she is in town visiting her son (leaving me to fend for myself in a lonely world of laundry incompetence).

Dallas Holds Off Washington

Washington had a realistic chance of pulling this one out, until Campbell threw that interception with 1:39 left in the game. By all appearances, the Cowboys seem to be the team to beat in the NFC. This doesn't mean a lot if you know the NFL very well, as the NFC is clearly the weaker of the two conferences.

The only team that will seem to pose difficulty for Dallas will seemingly be Green Bay. Both are 9-1 and both square up in Dallas on Nov. 29. The team that wins that one could be in the driver's seat for home field advantage, if both win next week. (Me? I am pulling for the team with the old man, Brett Favre. Old men tend to root for other old men.)

Looking at the schedule, GB seems to have the easier schedule the rest of the way out. The only team they must beat that has a realistic chance to beat them is Detroit (twice, at home and on the road). On the other side, Dallas must beat Detroit (in Detroit) and Washington again, this time on the road.

The Chase For The BCS Championship

I got to watch some college games Saturday, so I thought I'd make some comments on the NCAA season.

I caught Texas Tech, as they throttled the Oklahoma Sooners in what was termed as a stunning upset. Having seen Tech play earlier in the season, I have to disagree with that terminology, as they are a very explosive offensive team and Oklahoma (in my view) is usually overrated.

The big game coming up next weekend will be #2 Kansas (the surprise team of the year) pitted against #4 Missouri, at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Kansas can seal a BCS Championship bid with a win, on Saturday. Right now, LSU (#1) is looking to be the opponent of the Jayhawks. But from the way things are looking, they might need to get past Georgia in the SEC Championship game, if things play out right.

Many people have argued that Kansas has played no one of any real value on their way to their undefeated record. I have been able to catch some of their play this year and they have a very solid football team. Despite Nebraska not being the perennial powerhouse they once were, Kansas was able to beat the Huskers, 76-39, earlier in the season. The real test will come against Missouri and whoever their opponent will be in the Big 12 Championship game (against either Oklahoma or Texas).

Oklahoma has to play Oklahoma State next weekend and Texas plays Texas A&M. Right now, the Longhorns and the Sooners are tied for their division lead, with Texas owning the tie-breaker by having beaten Oklahoma in their head-to-head clash, earlier in the year. Oklahoma State isn't nearly as talented as Oklahoma, but in intra-state rivalries, the records usually get thrown out because of the fierce rivalry for state supremacy.

If anyone is ripe for an upset, it will be LSU going to Georgia in the Georgia Dome, for the SEC title.The Bulldogs must get past Georgia Tech next Saturday, but the important thing to note is, Tech is not a conference opponent. The only thing this game will settle, will be bragging rights for the state. (GT is not the team many thought they'd be this year, but again, the records will thrown out.)

The real problem with the Bulldogs' scenario is, they need help from Kentucky, who plays Tennessee this weekend. If the Vols win, they will be tied with Georgia and own the tie-breaker, by virtue of their head-to-head clash earlier. (I am not sure how this will play out. But I do not think the Vols are as capable of beating LSU, as the Dogs. I think Georgia is playing better than Tennessee right now and would win a rematch, if they could have one.)

LSU will need only to beat Arkansas next week to advance to the SEC title game. That shouldn't be much of a problem for the Tigers, as the Razorbacks are a mediocre team, at best.

Overall, this has been an exciting NCAA season. The teams are not etched in stone for the BCS Championship, like they have been in years past. Gone are the names that usually dominate the college game and manage to get voted into the game (the worthless voting that takes place in the partial determinations of who gets to play for a title). Still in the hunt for a title berth are Kansas, LSU, West Virginia, and Missouri. Ohio State despite being upset by Illinois (the Big Ten runner-up) last week.

Personally, I am hoping that Kansas or Missouri can get a berth. I am sick of Ohio State and LSU, as both have won a title recently and seem to be the sports media darlings of college football.


Greg said...

Here's comes the annoying, obnoxious Mass-hole to point out that we are witnessing the greatest team ever with the 2007-08 Patriots. Everyone kneel and genuflect. Tom Brady may be better than Montana and Unitas. I'm in heaven.

Other than that, what are everyone's thoughts about the upcoming NFL Network games? For some strange reason, I have the Network in my cable package, but I hear most people in my area do not. Why is the NFL scheduling big games on a channel that people do not have?

Also, Rocket, I too want to know how they broadcast the NFL games in France? Do they have their own announcers to do the game in French? Or do you get the original broadcast in English?

rocket said...

Hi Guys.

Thank God (Hallowed be his name)we get the broadcasts in English. The entire channel is in English. So we get the FOX feed or CBS feed for NFL. I wouldn't have subscribed with a French dubbing. Replays of all the games on Monday and Tuesday. Not that I have something against the French (Yeh right Rocket!)but it just wouldn't be the same without the Football speak from the experts.

Now back to the game.

Greg. Don't be so sure with the Pats. I like Green Bay to take the Superbowl. This Favre is the iceman. at what 37 years old. But what do I know.

Colts are beginning to look shaky. Am I right LA? I haven't read the Indianapolis papers, I've been focused on the strike here and thanks for the injury info..

Redskins - Dallas. Well close but no cigar. Total breakdown of the secondary of the Skins. Owens dominates from Romo passing.(God I hate Dallas!) If not Skins win by 10. I like this Redskin QB but made one too many mistakes. Will try to follow more in the future. The announcers had nothing but praise for the "DeadSkins"

My second favorite team is the Dolphins. Oh well! I'll be in Florida on Thursday for Turkey day. can't wait.

Tonights (Monday night) game may be a sleeper but I'll try to watch it.

Packers and Cowboys

"Both are 9-1 and both square up in Dallas on Nov. 29."

GB 21-17 but I would wish for GB 50 Dallas 0

Greg said...

I wouldn't have subscribed with a French dubbing.

They were doing that with the NBA when I lived there. They had some American dude trying to call the games in French with a thick yankee accent. It was hard to watch. I figured they might do the same with NFL.

Greg. Don't be so sure with the Pats. I like Green Bay to take the Superbowl.

Rematch of the '96 SB? Awesome! It's payback time baby! lol Seriously, I'm usually very pessimistic with my teams, but I just can't help it with the Patriots. The only team that could run with them is decimated with injuries. And the NFC is terrible. Green Bay is equivalent to Tennessee or Denver in the AFC - no chance at the big dance.

Rocket said...

Hi Greg

His name was George Eddy. A former American college basketball player. He still does some NFL and NBA on Canal + which I don't subscribe to.

That accent business was so ridiculous! He still has it after I don't know how many years here in France.

Here is a picture I took of him back in 2002 during a "manif" in front of Vivendi when they were trying to throw out Jean Marie Messier.

I think Vivendi owned Canal + at that time and he was worried about his job. I was just down for some pictures for a seminar on France that I was giving. I live close by.

Here he is at the manif in the white hat

PS - I'm watching the Pats - Bills replay now. Quite a blowout!

PS - Greg. Where did you live in Paris?

Greg said...

Yes, Rocket, that's him! That brings me back. Friggin accent. My priority #1 when learning French was to be able to speak it without a discernible accent. Mr. Eddy has exactly the opposite philosophy.

I actually never lived in Paris proper. My first year, I lived in Neuilly, at the same time a certain nobody who would later become President was mayor.

Then we moved to Levallois. I was there a couple of years.

Would have stayed longer if I could have....