Sunday, November 11, 2007

PYY Sunday Reader

Here is a collection of some articles, stories, and essays that I think are worth a read on your Sunday.

Today is Veterans Day in the United States. A deep heart-felt thank you to all veterans that read PYY. It's no big secret that one of my favorite veterans in the world is my good friend, Mustang. At his site, Social Sense, he has a piece you may want to read.

Every time I pass a flag flying in the wind, I immediately think of how men, braver than me, have paid a price, so that flag can fly high and proud. Their sacrifices have not gone unnoticed and are much appreciated. So, if you see a vet today, give him/her a special thanks for their contributions to the freedom we are all so very fortunate to enjoy. Many people have longed for this kind of freedom and cannot attain it.

October is still alive in Amerloque's heart. As always, he displays the natural talent of painting a lucid and picturesque image of life in Europe. His prose is always a delight to read and just by reading the descriptions of his life, it will make a person want to experience this place, he now calls home. If you are like me in this respect, you will not want to miss his latest communique to the cyberworld.

War is never a good thing. It may be necessary at times, and there are times when it it may not be. As a soldier, sailor, or marine, you always hope that the cause you are asked to fight for is noble, cannot be settled any other way, and is well-planned out with well-defined objectives. From most of his writings, you can gather that Flocon is (and has been) highly critical of the Iraq war. Now, he is questioning the wisdom of an extended operation of Afghanistan. The questions he asks and the points he tries to make in this essay are all fair, and worthy of some thought and consideration.

Hugo Chavez is very prone to miscalculation. Evidently, he assumes that he can say whatever he wants to anyone, at anytime. This especially rings true when he assumes that everyone that is critical of American policy will instantly want to hear his disrespectful socialist diatribes. Well, not everyone is willing to listen to some third-world dictator, and hack in the making, bad-mouth a former constitutionally elected leader of their nation. The King of Spain was one such person.

Democrats are getting nervous about the coming 2008 election. And I think there are a lot of good reasons for this. Here are a few that the liberal American Prospect seems to think are possible reasons for the anxiety. I will add that there is a strong anti-incumbent sentiment, with much of it that could conceivably be directed at Congress, next year.

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