Tuesday, November 06, 2007

CBS Responsible For Odd Noise Heard During Colt- Pats Game

The story is right here.

A day after some unusual sounds were heard during the Colts-Patriots broadcast Sunday, the NFL issued a statement saying what sounded like simulated crowd noise was actually created by the CBS production crew, not the Colts.

"CBS has informed us that the unusual audio moment heard by fans during the Patriots-Colts game was the result of tape feedback in the CBS production truck and was isolated to the CBS broadcast," the league said. "It was in no way related to any sound within the stadium and could not be heard in the stadium."

I know that many want to believe that the Colts were piping in noise. And I think where this story may have gotten its legs was in the head of some New England fan somewhere. (Note-how this video already has the Colts convicted.)

Sure the Pats thought it was loud, because it was. It's a dome. But no one in the dome heard that noise, did they?
I have been to many games there, I can attest to how loud it can get. But to try to project the accusation that the Colts tried to use an unfair advantage against the Pats is both, ridiculous and it makes a person look as well-informed as a troofer.

Honestly, now. Are Pats fans having some moral and ethical issues with the fact that Belichick was caught cheating and desperately want to believe that everyone cheats, in order to justify their lack of outrage at their own coach's conduct? So much that they want to advance this BS theory, without first knowing the truth? That's all the NE fans could talk about yesterday and they did as if it was fact.

Well now, you have your answers. It was CBS. Put that in your pipes and smoke it.
For crying out loud. I love football as much as anyone, but it's only a ball game and you won it. Be happy that you did. With all of the madness in the world, this is but just a minuscule speck at the bottom on the hierarchy of important things.

(Note-this post is not necessarily directed at my friend Greg. I had a lot of hits from the Boston area on my football post yesterday.)


Greg said...

Honestly, now. Are Pats fans having some moral and ethical issues with the fact that Belichick was caught cheating and desperately want to believe that everyone cheats, in order to justify their lack of outrage at their own coach's conduct?

This is what we Pats fans don't like, yes. We don't like the team being branded "cheaters" and compared to Barry Bonds. Belichick and the team are singularly focused on proving their outspoken critics - like holier-than-thou coach Dungy - dead wrong. And their fans will now ruthlessly rub other fans noses in each loss. It's called payback.

And for the record, I have yet to hear an explanation of how the supposed "cheating" of the Patriots gave them a tangible competitive advantage. Still waiting on that one. I think it was typcial Belichick psychological warfare against Mangini, and I think it worked. (BTW I can't wait for week 15 when Mangini and his "team" limp into Foxboro for what is sure to be the worst beating the Patriots deal out all season.)

Also for the record, Pats fans would like an explanation - now that "speaker-gate" has been solved - of the malfunctioning of the coach-QB communication system during the Colts game. The invesitgation should be at least as intensive as the investigation into "spygate" (you know, where some video tech for the Patriots pointed a camera at something that was already in plain sight). We'll call this one "static-gate" or something. Any malfeasance by the "good" Colts against the "evil" Patriots should be punished by loss of first round draft pick.

Because, no the Patriots aren't the only one's who "cheat." Sometimes teams sign players just cut from next week's opponent, pump them for info, then cut them. Sometimes teams tell their players to hold on every down b/c they know they can't stop the opponent, and also know the refs can't call holding on every down. Sometimes teams pump crowd noise through the PA system. Sometimes they just whine to the NFL front office relentlessly until rules are changed in their favor. But championship teams don't whine to the front office or the press - they shut up and win. Like the Patriots do.

Also for the record, I hope everyone - though they irrationally hate the greatest team of the salary-cap era - will at least now stand up and recognize the best team of recent memory. Otherwise, at the end of the year, when New England is again Super Bowl champion, they'll have to eat their hat.

LASunsett said...


//This is what we Pats fans don't like, yes. We don't like the team being branded "cheaters" and compared to Barry Bonds.//

I do not disagree with you, except in that, you do not understand that it's not the team that people dislike. It's not the Boston fans. It's the coach. No one can make any realistic claim that the team is a bunch of cheaters, based solely on the actions of its coaching staff. Those that know and understand this game, give the Pats all the respect they deserve.

If Tuna, Bill Walsh, or some other great football genius were the coach, there would not be as much animosity. Belichick was the one that made the poor decison. Not Bruschi, not Harrison, not Brady, none of them did it. It was Belichick that did it, and that's who people hate.

You were right a few football threads ago, much of it is media driven. The media doesn't hate Belichick because he is a football genius. They didn't hate Parcells, they didn't hate Noll, they didn't hate Walsh.

And when NE won their first SB, there was no one that was on Belichick's bandwagon more than the media. But since then, he's pissed them off and a lot of football fans that do not live in the New England states.

Now, to the communication controversy.

Let's role play a second. You are an attorney, you can be the attorney for the Pats and I will be one for the Colts (even though I am not an attorney and do not play one on TV).

My first question will be:

So the headsets didn't work properly. Did you notify anyone? There has to be a technician that can be called immediately for such problems. If not, why did you wait until after a game that you already won to come forward?

As for the Pats winning it all, I can remember back in 1986, when a NE Patriots team went into Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami against a heavily favored (Shula coached and Marino QBed) Dolphin team, for the right to play against the Bears in the SB. And the Pats won it.

You may be right, these guys may very well run the table. If anyone can do it, it's them. But that's tough to do and there are still a lot games left. The Colts were missing four key starters, they will keep playing well and will be there, challenging NE, should they meet again.

Greg said...

I don't care about the headset "controversy". I want it to be about the football. I mention it to show the frustration of Pats fans. Imagine if every team had to deal with this crap.

You mention the 2001 team, but what Pats fans hear all the time about that team is "the tuck rule." After that, with Carolina and Philadelphia, the Pats were "lucky." We hear all the time that "they only won by 3 points" each Super Bowl. Now, the team is literally annhilating its opponents, and the criticism is that they "don't win with class" b/c they scored too many points and Belichick didn't give a good enough handshake. And we have a whole army of jealous coaches who already want to put an asterisk after whatever the Patriots accomplish this year. Let's face it, my team will never get the respect it deserves. Guys like Brady and Bruschi and Vrabel will continue to be snubbed for the Pro-Bowl. Probably only Brady is going to the Hall of Fame. And when it's all said and done, and Belichick has accomplished what no other NFL coach ever has, there will be a big "yeah, but" [he taped the Jets coaches, he's a jerk, he's a bad dresser, etc].

I'm pretty pissed off about it, and so is everyone else in my neck of the woods. I know the wife says it's only a game, but....

LASunsett said...

//You mention the 2001 team, but what Pats fans hear all the time about that team is "the tuck rule."//

Funny you should mention this. It was my childhood team, the Raiders, that were on the receiving end of the call that made this rule famous.

My fellow Raider fans were quite hostile about it, but I set them straight. The Raiders failed to convert on third down numerous times in that game. That lost the game for them, not the famous Brady tuck.

When you analyze football, I think it's necessary to look at the entire picture. Rarely does one call, effect the outcome of a game.

But you have to realize in this Greg, this is a regional loyalty kind of game. Pittsburgh was hated for their success, SF, Dallas, and others throughout the years. Welcome to the club of championship football.

Me? I call like it is, no matter what. No one enjoyed watching the Pacers like I once did. Reggie, Smits, Mark Jackson, all were good players and fine men that showed good sportsmanship, despite not making it to the top. But the moment, Ron Artest ran into the stands, I stopped supporting a bunch of overpaid thugs.

I have principles and I will not compromise them. I didn't watch one minute of NBA basketball last year, not on TV or in Conseco Fieldhouse. Nor did I buy or wear one piece of Pacers gear. I will not compromise my standards of conduct for my teams or anyone else's.

When they are wrong, they are wrong. When they are right, they are right. And I think the one thing that has diminished respect for Belichick is the lack of remorse shown by him for cheating. He came across as sorry he got caught, but not sorry that he tarnished the game with this one incident.

Put yourself in others' shoes. If the roles were reversed and the Pats team were any other team that rivals the Pats, now, I would be willing to bet the NE fans would be on this bandwagon too.

I have said before, and I say again: The Pats are a good team, there's no denying this. They deserve a hearty football respect for this. But, I do not respect Belichick for any other thing, other than his football knowledge. Even if he were my coach, I'd be so pissed at him right now, much like I am livid at Al Davis for running Gruden off.