Thursday, November 15, 2007

The PYY Community Ego-Centric Citizen Award

Meet Chris Carlos. His is a story that defies reason.

If you are from the Atlanta area, you may recognize that last name. But now, he is becoming famous for something else other than liquor distribution and tax problems.

From ABC comes this report:

Neighbors are outraged that the man, who lives in his five bedroom, seven bathroom home alone, has used enough water to fill a dozen standard swimming pools, while the rest of the city is so thirsty for water.

"I think it's absurd. I really do," said resident Ken Scott.

In fact, last month Chris Carlos used 15 percent more water than he did in October 2006, fueling more frustration.

Now, you may have read or heard somewhere that Atlanta and northern Georgia are in a critical water shortage. So, I think it should go with out saying, what this means to people in this area.

Some sense of community Mr. Carlos must have that he feels the need to do what ever he damn well pleases, regardless of the situation in the community. How utterly selfish and self-important he must feel, for him to think he is entitled to disregard any conservation measure that doesn't suit him.

This qualifies him for the PYY Community Ego-Centric Citizen Award.


Greg said...

So, no water ban down there? Or is he using a private water source?

LASunsett said...

According to this article there is. But, wait until you see what the fine is.