Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Racism Hoax

A noose in Jena Louisiana leads to a brutal beating of a teen. The rest of the story is now well-known, it culminates with massive protests sparked by race baiting activists. Ask the activists why the beating took place, it is blamed on the noose.

Another noose is found at a Columbia University black professor's office door. Again, there is an outcry and protests ensue.

At Ball State University in Indiana, an African-American basketball coach finds a racist hate note, slipped under the door of his office. Didn't hear about it? Here is a search that gives plenty of reaction to that one. The outcome? The coach resigns. But if we read a follow-up, there's more than meets the eye, in this one.

More recently, a swastika was found painted on a door at George Washington University dorm room door. But, the culprit was the student that filed the complaint.

So, now we have to ask ourselves some questions about the nooses in Jena and Columbia, as well as the racial hate note at BSU. Could it be possible that they were planted to incite protests and possibly riots? Has there been any proof that these things weren't hoaxes as well?

Clarence Page has an op-ed piece that you won't want to miss. I recommend reading it before buying into the madness and the frenzy that usually follows something like hanging a noose, at least until you know the entire story.

Racism is big business, at least it is for the likes of Jackson and Sharpton. Something to think about, before jumping on some outrage bandwagon.

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