Saturday, November 03, 2007

Latest Clinton Flap Discussed

From the video here at the Seattle PI, it appears that the Clinton machine is not too pleased with Tim Russert's recent debate question on the release of some National Archive records, from the Clinton administration.

I didn't watch the debate, so I am not well-informed of the specifics of the question, asked by Russert. Nor am I inclined to research it, because I don't care.

But the crux of this post involves posing a thought about the former First Lady's once perceived "love affair" with the news media. A few months ago, she was the darling of media. But now, it seems that is over. Maybe she isn't articulating views that are far enough to the left, for their liking. Maybe they are trying to stir up more stories in what is quickly becoming a boring story. Who knows?

Whatever the case, the video is worth watching. It is vintage Clinton and his attorney-like approach to answering questions. The last statement he makes in the video is a fair assessment, from what I have both read and heard about the debate.

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