Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Indianapolis Council Discussing Plans To Repeal County Income Tax

Here's a story for my newly acquired post-election local readers. It seems the Indianapolis City-County Council wants to repeal their hefty county income tax increase, before Republicans take over. This was but one of the reasons they were soundly defeated in the election, earlier this month.

From the Indy Star article comes this snippet:

With just weeks left before Republicans take control of the Indianapolis City-County Council, Democrats on the council are discussing attempts to repeal or "sunset" the county income tax increase they pushed through in August.

After ramrodding this thing through against the wills of vast majority of the people, now they want to repeal it. Can we say, "sour grapes"?

This goes to show the kind of sabotage that often takes place in politics when a party loses and has to hand the reins of power over to the other party. It also shows the level of maturity that sore losers often have.

It's not that I am against the repeal, I am not against it at all. It should have never been voted in to start with. But instead of giving the GOP a chance to repeal it, they are merely wanting to throw a wrench into what would otherwise be a smooth transition from Democratic control to Republican. Not only that, according to the Indiana Barrister, it's illegal.

Repealing the tax would be illegal because the law says it can only be voted on once in a calender year. The new talk is amending the proposal so it can sunset. That may still run against the law and intent of the legislature. If they wanted to sunset the tax they should have done so when it was first passed.

I-l-l-e-g-a-l, which means not lawful. Or against the law.

But I guess the Democratic members of the council shouldn't worry about legalities of said action, a few of them have been known for breaking and bending laws, for the entire four years they have been in control.

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